Participation in the IAQ 2020 conference in Athens

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After a two-year postponement due to the corona pandemic, the IAQ 2020 conference was held in Athens during May 4-6, 2022. The conference focused on topics related to indoor climate, ventilation, health, thermal comfort, occupant behavior and big data.

Overall, there were many exciting presentations and discussions with international researchers. Jun Jiang presented the paper "Experimental Quantification of Air Volume Flow by Natural Ventilation through Window Opening" as part of the SMART Ventilation project in "Ventilation Session 1". Alexander Kümpel presented a paper entitled "Implementation of a User Feedback System and Its Impact on User Satisfaction and Energy Demand" as part of the DataFee project in "Occupant Behavior/Policy and Standards Session 1".

In addition to the scientific exchange, the conference could be used for networking with researchers and representatives of the industry.