EBC @ Campuslauf


After a 2-year break, EBC has resumed its long tradition of successful participation in sporting events with this year's RWTH Campus Race. On Friday, April 29th, a total of 19 runners started the 3 competitions on the Melaten campus. Motivated by lovingly prepared banners and many spectators, the three relay teams (4 x 2.3 km) and 4.6 km runners started at 5 pm on the circuit.

With full commitment, they achieved excellent results and some even set new personal records.

Even the onset of rain did not stop the 9 km runners from going on the big loop. Although some of them had already participated in the relay teams, they showed full commitment and climbed the steep ascent from Siebenquellen to the fire station.

Afterwards, the participants rewarded themselves with cold drinks and freshly grilled food at the EBC and celebrated their successes.