Kickoff meeting of the research project "HOffEn"


At the start of the BMWK-funded project "HOffEn - Home Office and Energy Transition: Changes through mobile working and opportunities for the transformation of the energy system", the project consortium came together for a virtual kickoff project meeting. In addition to the EBC, the Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building (E3D), the Teaching and Research Area Healthy Living Spaces of the Unikklinik Aachen (HLS), the Institute for Ecological Economy Research gGmbH (IÖW) are further project partners. The consortium is complemented by associated partners in the form of E.ON Group Innovation GmbH (E.ON), Panasonic R&D Center Germany GmbH (PRDCG) and RWTH Aachen University (RWTH).

Within the scope of this project, EBC will primarily focus on the changes in building space utilization resulting from the use of home-office and the associated influences on energy consumption. The sub-models and findings of all partners will then be incorporated into an overall evaluation in order to assess the potential of home-office use to support the energy transition and to derive recommendations for action for companies.