EBC wins Best Poster Award at the 48th DAGA Conference

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Represented by Jonas Klingebiel and Philipp Ostmann, the EBC participated in the 48th DAGA conference in Stuttgart from 22.03. - 24.03. The lectures addressed the psychoacoustic evaluation of sounds as well as the investigation of flow acoustics. There were also exciting insights into the use of artificial intelligence.

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As the DAGA was one of the first conferences to be held in presence again, valuable contacts to the German acoustics community could be made.

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Jonas Klingebiel et. al. presented their poster contribution "No heat transition without quiet heat pumps? - Integral acoustic optimisation in the LowNoise project". They linked one of the research foci at the EBC to acoustics and were able to illustrate this topic.

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Philipp Ostmann et. al. exhibited a poster as well with the topic "Numerical investigation of the aeroacoustic behaviour of a generic slot diffuser" and were recognised with the poster prize alongside two other nominees. The poster showed how 3D CFD simulations can be used to model an initially generic air diffuser. The dominant tones that were detected in the experiment could also be predicted in the simulation. The models serve as a basis for the replication of real air diffusers within the scope of the project AkuPerat.