Final examination of the elective course "Interdisciplinary Factory Planning"

  Interdisciplinary Factory Planning Copyright: IBP, RWTH

​On 28.01.2019 this year's final examinations in the elective course "Interdisciplinary Factory Planning (Interdisziplinäre Fabrikplanung)" took place. This year, in cooperation with the industrial partner Oskar Frech, a design was planned for the production of their metal die-casting machines, which was intended to merge two facilities on a greenfield site in connection with an existing building and with consideration of an increase in capacity.

For this purpose, interdisciplinary teams of architects, civil engineers and mechanical engineers from the specialisation areas of production and energy worked jointly in the development of factory planning concepts and presented their results in a written elaboration, in the form of models and in a final presentation.

The supervisors and representatives of Oskar Frech were impressed by the creative and well thought-out solutions.