Interdisziplinäre Fabrikplanung/ Interdisciplinary factory planning: Excursion to company Oskar Frech

  Excursion to company Oskar Frech Copyright: EBC  

​This year the excursion of the elective module "Interdisziplinäre Fabrikplanung" (interdisciplinary factory planning) went to the company Oskar Frech, a manufacturer of metal diecasting machines, near Stuttgart. After the arrival and a common lunch both existing locations and the still unconstructed property were visited, on which these now are to be united and extended in the future. The semester's task is to design the new location in interdisciplinary teams of architects, civil engineers, production and energy engineers. After a convivial finale in Stuttgart and overnight stay there, the group visited the Mercedes production in Sindelfingen on the second day before returning to Aachen.