Roomvent&Ventilation 2018: EBC wins award

  EBC wins award

Paul Mathis, Felix Nienaber, Kai Rewitz, Tim Röder, Paul Seiwert and Jens Teichmann gave lectures on their current research work at this year's Roomvent&Ventilation, which took place from June 2 to June 5 in Espoo, Finland. The EBC fortunately received best paper awards in three categories. Tim Röder, Paul Mathis and Prof. Müller were awarded for their paper on multizonal air flow simulations in Modelica, Paul Mathis, Max Rohn, Tim Röder and Prof. Müller for their paper on heat transfer on Kármán vortex streets in vertically heated ducts and Felix Nienaber, Mark Wesseling, Davide Calì and Prof. Müller for their paper on air quality based presence algorithms. Professor Müller's keynote speech was also a complete success, as was Paul Seiwert's and Professor Müller's contribution to the "Thermal Comfort" workshop. Information on the conference can be found at

  • Paul Mathis, Max Rohn, Tim Röder, Dirk Müller - Heat transfer enhancement of free convection flows with kármán vortex streets in vertical 3d-channels heated from two sides
  • Felix Nienaber, Mark Wesseling, Davide Calì, Dirk Müller - Validation and optimization of air quality sensor based occupancy detection algorithms
  • Kai Rewitz, Martin Möhlenkamp, Mark Wesseling, Dirk Müller - Influence of gender on thermal sensation and comfort in indoor environments with displacement ventilation
  • Tim Röder, Paul Mathis, Dirk Müller - Verification and transferability of a multizone air flow model in modelica to a CFD environment for decentralized ventilation systems
  • Paul Seiwert, Lukas Schmitt, Mark Wesseling, Dirk Müller - Detection of vertical air temperature distribution by long-wave infrared thermography
  • Jens Teichmann, Alexander Kümpel, Paul Mathis, Peter Matthes, Jens Oppermann, Dirk Müller - Reducing energy consumption of air handling units by optimized pump control