Master's thesis Alexander Miehlich


Studies on the repeatability of hardware-in-the-loop experiments

Master's Thesis Miehlich Copyright: EBC Application of the algorithm to the superimposed curves of the designated and occured tappings of thermal energy

The determination of a heat pump coefficient on a hardware-in-the-loop test bench should be investigated for its repeatability and uncertainty due to the complexity of the process and the metrology. In this work, a flexible evaluation tool was developed for investigating the factors influencing the repeatability and a methodology for estimating the uncertainty of the results of investigations at the hardware-in-the-loop-test bench 2.

For this purpose, repeated experiments were carried out to determine the repeatability limit of the daily coefficient of performance to represent the determination of the seasonal coefficient of performance time-efficient. The uncertainty of all necessary results is estimated following the guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement. Due to the development of a flexible evaluation tool, all components of the test bench are investigated for possible influences on the repeatability.

In practice, the repeatability limit is an appropriate measure to quantify the repeatability on the observed test bench. From the perspective of predefined energy demand, the domestic hot water supplying can be achieved more precisely by reducing inertia and optimizing the regulation of the temperature. The developed tool enables the comparability of the repeatability, of the uncertainty of results as well as the behavior of test bench components for future experiments.