Kick-Off-Meeting OOM4ABDO


OOM4ABDO – Object-oriented monitoring as a basis for more efficient operation, as well as cost-effective optimization of exisiting buildings through the utilization of machine learning-techniques

The OOM4ABDO project was launched with a kick-off meeting on 12.12.17 with the project partner werkkraft GmbH and the Projektträger Jülich.

The scope of the project is to identify and utilize untapped saving-potentials in building- and property-operations. The object-oriented monitoring provides the building operator with all the extracted and structured measurement data. A cloud-based infrastructure enables automated identification of inefficiencies and abnormal behavior in facility-operations. Machine learning methods and the correlation between measurement data and dynamic models enable constant improvements and the implementation advanced building controls.

The developed methods will be demonstrated in Werksviertel München and various example buildings.

We would like to thank the participants of the meeting for the constructive and pleasant atmosphere and look forward to a good cooperation.