Kick-Off Meeting for the project Enmodus

  Copyright: EBC

At the kick-off meeting in Aachen on Monday, 04.12.17, the project (EnmoduS) was officially launched. The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, is the successor to the EffShop project and aims to reduce the high specific energy consumption of shopping centers. The goal is to develop a Best-Practice Guide for an energetically efficient design of shopping centers and to pass it on to the responsible persons in workshops. The project is divided into seven work packages which are carried out and researched by the EBC in cooperation with IEK from Hanover and the industrial partner TROX until 2020. In the presence of the cooperating institute from Hanover, as well as representatives of the industrial partner TROX and the project promoter Jülich, the objectives were defined and the basis for a good cooperation was created. We would like to thank our guests for coming to Aachen and look forward to a good cooperation.