Kick off Meeting H2020



  H2020 Copyright: EBC

On 1 st September 2017 the H2020 project Plug-n-Harvest "Plug-n-play passive and active multi-modal energy harvesting systems, circular economy by design, with high replicate for self-sufficient districts & near-zero buildings" has started. On September 21 and 22 the kick-off meeting with all project partners took place in Aachen.

The parties hereto are the RWTH Aachen University | Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, Greece | Cardiff University, U.K. | Alumil Aluminum Industry | Sistemes Avançats d’Energia Solar Tèrmica, Spain | Odins Solutions, Spain | Siemens, Romania | ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo, Spain I Energy Transitions, U.K. | Eco Intelligent Growth, Spain | Agencia de l'Habitatge de Catalunya, Spain | Region of Western Macedonia, Greece | County Council Of The City And County Of Cardiff. You can find further information here.