Cooperation Couven high school

  Robert Bosch Foundation  

Our Common Future: Energy and Sustainability in Cities – ERNST

duration: 10 months

start: 01.02.2017

end: 30.11.2017

project partner: Couven Gymnasium

founding sponsor: Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH

  Couven 1 Copyright: EBC

20 pupils from the eight grade of the Couven-Gymnasium in Aachen are working together with the EBC on the topic of "Energy and Sustainability in the City". Under this theme, the students consider different questions and experiments, which they devote themselves to in small groups in the context of project-oriented learning with the support of student assistants of the EBC.

Dynamo Charger

One student group deals with the topic of "energy generation through movement". The goal is to recharge a battery with the energy converted by a dynamo. With this, a constant voltage can be provided, e.g. to charge a mobile phone. For this purpose the students use a bicycle dynamo charger.

Automatic Window Control

The project of this group is to achieve energy savings through a programmed window ventilation control. Using temperature/humidity sensors and an Arduino system, the room climate is recorded and the windows are opened or closed as required.

  Couven 2 Copyright: EBC

Double/Triple Glazing

In a model house provided by EBC, the students compare double and triple glazing. For this purpose, they simulate various settings to determine the influence of e.g. heating, insulation or heat radiation. The aim of these experiments is to compare the efficiency of the glazing types.

  Couven 3 Copyright: EBC

Replica of a Geothermal Heat Pump System

This group deals with the topic of heating systems and is based on the principle of a geothermal heat pump. The aim is to explain the working principle with a model constructed by the group themselves.

  Couven 4 Copyright: EBC

Intelligently Aligning Photovoltaic System

In order to achieve the highest possible energy output of a photovoltaic system, this group of pupils constructs a replica of a solar system with a tilting mechanism. The intention is that the panning of the system happens automatically according to the sun.

For this purpose, the group uses small motors that communicate with each other via an Arduino system.

  ERNST Copyright: EBC


Depending on the ambient temperature and air speed, the human body has a different sense of comfort. This must be taken into account when planning heating and air-conditioning concepts. To predict comfort, the institute developed the 33 NCM comfort model. To visualize the prediction of the warm and cold sensation of individual parts of the body, a small mannequin with built-in LEDs was built.

  Couven 5 Copyright: Rupert Warren

From the 4th to the 6th of May 2017, the EBC was able to present the work of the cooperation on the "Our Common Future" Youth Congress of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.



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