Bachelor's thesis Christian Ritterbach


Evaluation of a complex energy system using a suitable visualization approach

BA Ritterbach Copyright: EBC

The complex and dynamic energy system of a non-residential building will be evaluated using a suitable visualization approach. The energy system under examination shows diverse heat and cooling demands on various temperature levels and therefore requires an equally adaptable energy supply and distribution system. Owing to a both daily and seasonally volatile load profile the satisfactory supply with heat and cooling energy poses an exceptional challenge. To meet this challenge a Zortström system is deployed as an energy manifold and hydraulic compensator.

The Sankey illustration of mass and heat flows serves as a basis to examine the performance of both the total energy system and the Zortström manifold in particular. For that purpose a tool is developed to compute the flow values from measured reading and subsequently build Sankey charts drawing on an existing database.

The evaluation shows that the Zortström manifold is basically well applicable for energy distribution on the one hand. Furthermore basic optimization approaches for the regarded system can be derived. On the other hand, the evaluation methodology unveils the Sankey diagrams’ benefits in the field of energy system technology as well as its opportunities and limits.