Current Projects


Ventilation Systems


Full title
RoBewEnt Robust evaluation of smoke extraction systems in halls and atria under uncertain boundary conditions
EnTubeChanger Energy efficient ventilation using hollow fibre membrane enthalpy exchangers for moisture recovery
Luftbefeuchtung in der Praxis Analysis and evaluation of air humidification in practical applications
dezintegraL Stand-alone decentralized room air conditioning under physiologically comfortable and economical boundary conditions through integrated heat and cold generation in decentralized ventilation systems

Aeroacoustic performance of air diffusers and their psychoacoustic evaluation


Calculation and evaluation basis for the dynamic operation of ventilation systems, consisting of air handling units (conditioning) and duct network (distribution) for increasing energy efficiency in part-load operation


Evaluation of air purifiers in classrooms

AirRoomMonitoring Development of an innovative and cost-effective control system consisting of a battery-powered sensor system combined with a cloud-based control strategy (MPC) to save energy in air handling units in demand-response buildings.
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Digital Energy Neighborhoods


Full title
N5GEH-Serv Further development of the N5GEH service platform
I-Greta FIWARE-based Generic Energy Services for Green Cities and Neighborhoods

Smartness to existing Buildings

HyInnoSOFC Future Cluster Hydrogen: High-temperature fuel cells for the energy turnaround - SOFC with flexible fuel utilisation for self-sufficient energy supply
IT-Zauber Operational optimization of energy-efficient data centers through the use of digital twins
BOOSTER IoT-Based Operational Optimization for SusTainable EneRgy systems
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Building Automation

Akronym Projekt-Volltitel

Agent-based data-driven modeling for stochastic and self-configuring control of building energy systems


FIWARE-based Generic Energy Services for Green Cities and Neighborhoods


Energy Efficiency in Swimming Pools - New and Existing Buildings


Sustainable, model predictive control of geothermal fields


Energy-optimized district Margarethenhöhe Essen


Energetic and ecological optimization of operating and control strategies for complex energy supply systems based on near-surface geothermal energy in commercial and non-residential buildings


Agent systems for intelligent and robust control of complex energy systems in non-residential buildings as part of the higher-level energy system


Building Automation system improvement through Web-based open-source Control strategy Testing environments


FUBIC All Electricity - Realization: Demonstration project for the electricity-based heat sector transformation in technology districts


Long-term monitoring and operational optimization

REMEASURE Rollout-capable multimodal energy management for supermarkets
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Building Energy Systems

Acronym Full title
EnQuaFlex Energy-efficient district operation through joint flexibility coordination

Social Transformation of the BuiLding sEctor: Socially acceptable transformation of the multi-family building stock towards climate neutrality with a real-lab character

EESchwimm Energy Efficiency in Swimming Pools - New and Existing Buildings
PLUG-N-HARVEST HORIZON 2020: PLUG-N-HARVEST – PLUG-N-play passive and active multi-modal energy HARVESTing systems, circular economy by design, with high replicability for Self-sufficient Districts Near-Zero Buildings
RokiG2050 RokiG2050: BF2020 Accompanying Scientific Research Energiewendebauen – Module Buildings
FAE-R FUBIC All Electricity - Realization: Demonstration project for the electricity-based heat sector transformation in technology districts

Integration of methods for the creation of simulation models based on Building Information Modeling into practice

ReFaTEk Resource-saving facade technologies: Energy clinker
PractiCon Practical Control: Practical control of building operation using model-based methods and artificial intelligence
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Refrigerant Cycles

Acronym Full title
SMOOTH Scalable virtual test bench for the integrated design and control of heat pumps and thermal storage in Carnot Batteries
LOGIN Low-GWP in the single-family building stock - Refrigerant screening and functional verification of low-GWP refrigerants in heat pumps for single-family homes
LowNoise Integral consideration, optimization and methodical evaluation of air-to-water heat pumps to reduce acoustic emissions
DZWi Digital Twin of heat generation systems as enabler for the development of low-emission building energy technology
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Team Occupant Behavior and Comfort

Acronym Full title
PECSnet PECSnet: Networked local air-conditioning systems to enhance building energy performance
COVID-19 New publication on the estimation of the infection risk by aerosol-bound viruses in ventilated rooms


Data mining, machine learning, feedback and feedforward – Energy efficiency through usage-centred building systems

Vehicle climate control

Energy Efficient HVAC and Thermal Comfort in Automobile Cabins

Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort modelling


Advanced evaluation of conducted test person experiments with higher-quality statistical methods


Test person study with focus on thermophysiology in the Aachen Comfort Cube under constant and transient conditions

Attract-hc Attracting human capital for the Rhenish mining area through comfortable, healthy, and productivity-enhancing indoor environmental spaces
HOffEn Home Office and Energy Transition: Changes due to mobile working and opportunities for the transformation of the energy system

Development of an innovative Indoor Air Quality System for energy saving in building air conditioning systems

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Urban Energy Systems

Acronym Full title
BF-Quartier2020 BF2020 Accompanying Scientific Research Energiewendebauen – Module District
SmartQuart Living Lab: SmartQuart
FEN (InEEd-DC) Flexible Electrical Networks Research Campus
OOM4ABDO Object-oriented monitoring as a basis for more efficient operation and cost-effective optimization of the building stock by machine learning techniques

Redevelopment of an urban district with an integrated network infrastructure Phase 2


Transformation of grid-connected, urban heating and cooling supply with intersectoral Power-2-Heat solutions as a contribution to structural change in the coal regions of NRW

FLEX4FACT Industrial cluster FLEXibility platform for sustainable FACTories to reduce CO2 emissions and to enable the energy transition
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ACS/EBC cooperation Smart Energy Services


Cloud applications