Questionnaire findings – Building Automation Systems in Practice


The field of building automation systems (BAS) is multi-disciplinary and reveals extraordinary development and innovation potential because of the emerging penetration of information technology. Hence, a core topic of our work consists of exploiting the emerging potential. This becomes visible in the research on advanced control methodologies requiring high computational power, as well as on cloud-computing and networking strategies in building automation.

Thereby, the focus is still to increase the energy efficiency in terms of the German Energiewende. But, what is the use of all that knowledge, if it is not applicable?

With the whitepaper Gebäudeautomationssysteme in der Praxis , we publish the findings of this first questionnaire in order to capture the status quo in practice and to highlight the development needs. With the publication of the findings, we aim to give impulses for seizing the development needs, for advancing the transfer of the scientific achievements into practice, and therewith, for conducing for the building landscape`s evolution.