Successful Oral Doctoral Examination

  Successful Oral Doctoral Examination Copyright: EBC

On 12th of May 2017 Nina Kopmann successfully finished her oral doctoral examination.

In her thesis " Operating Conditions of Radiators with Time Dependent Boundary Conditions" she developed a test bench that reproduces the hydraulic network of a flat including the heat supply for the rooms on a laboratory scale. The test bench enables to develop and test new systems for the single room heating control under controllable boundary conditions.

In the first part of the Oral Exmaination Nina Kopmann gave a speech on the subject "Simply fly - Aerodynamic for paragliding flight" to her interested colleagues, friends and family. The subsequent examination was approved without audience by the examination board.

To celebrate the event, the day finished with the traditional tour through the Aachener city center.

  Successful Oral Doctoral Examination Copyright: EBC