Bachelor's thesis Jonas Tesfaegzi


Developement of a control concept for two humidifiers in a central air conditioning system

The following work is about the development of a control concept for the air in and outtake in
an air humidifier in a central air condition system. The humidification process uses two adiabatic
air washers. The adjustment control is based on the development platform Belimo
Shared Logic which was developed for the decentralized and intelligent use of HLKcomponents.
The thesis is structured into three parts. In the first part the basis for the understanding
is worked out. The second part is concerned with the development of a theoretical
control concept based on the plant specific functions from which a flowchart is deducted.
Afterwards this flowchart is implemented in Belimo Shared Logic. In the last part the control
program is adapted to the operation of the air conditioning and a function test is conducted
and evaluated. This leads to a functioning adjustment control. With this adjustment control
the default set points in the air supply and air outlet duct could be reached and kept.