Bachelor's thesis Daniel Zuk


Building automation systems in practice

Within this bachelor thesis a questionnaire on the topic of "Building Automation Systems in Practice"
is carried out and evaluated. These survey is aimed to the manufectors, the planners, the integrators
and users of the building automation systems.
At first, the relevant basics of the building automation systems are presented. Especially an introduction
to the various existing protocols and the different control types takes place.
Secondly a building automation system in practice is illustrated by the transmission behaviour of
the Concrete Core Activation of the E.ON ERC main building.
This example is followed by a description of the structure of the survey, in which the six different
parts of the questionnaire and the different question types are described and the development of
the survey is shown.
Finally the results of the survey are shown in diagramms and get described and interpreted. They
show that the controls of the building automation systems are often set by the standard parameters
and that there are defects in over 40% of the building automation systems. Further the economic
aspects of the systems and the sources of the defects are explained.