Bachelor's thesis Katharina Buchwitz


Development of a Method for the Evaluation of Exergy-based Control Strategies

In this thesis I develop a method to evaluate exergy-based control strategies. The considered strategy is compared with a default strategy and a simplified control strategy. The control strategies are applied to facade ventilation units in three different testing rooms.
The evaluation method includes different types of criteria and considers various dynamic boundary conditions. Not only measurable criteria but also economic criteria and comfort criteria are included. To compare the resulting values measured in different units, I calculate the percentage shares of each control strategy and compare it to the mean value of all strategies. Moreover, it is possible to consider a different weighting of each criterion.
The facade ventilation units are not equipped with sensors measuring the volumetric flow rate. As the latter is needed to perform exergy calculations, I conduct measurements and develop characteristics of the volume flow rate of air.
I apply the method to the results gained in experiments which I conduct during two weeks from 06/25/2016 - 07/08/2016. In three testing rooms, each control strategy is applied to the respective facade ventilation. According to the developed method, the exergy-based control strategy reaches the best results.