Project discussion of "EwWalt" at the BBSR

  EwWalt Copyright: EBC

Prof. Dirk Müller and Paul Mathis have attended the Projektetage der Bauforschung in Bonn, which are carried out by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Developmentin a very appealing atmosphere. The aim is to bring together the researchers working on the projects of the research initiative "Zukunft Bau" and to promote a professional exchange among them. Paul Mathis presented the joint project "EwWalt" (Energetische Bewertung der dezentralen kontrollierten Wohnraumlüftung in alternierender Betriebsweise - Energetic evaluation of the decentralized controlled residential ventilation in alternating operation). Following the project presentation, a constructive discussion about the project contents emerged.