New publication on the recommendation on the required air exchange rates in indoor rooms to reduce an aerosol-bound infection risk of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

  Schematic representation of transmission mechanisms according to Copyright: (Pan et al., 2019)

Dirk Müller et al. have published a paper on the evaluation of measures to reduce aerosol-bound infection risks in ventilated indoor rooms. This publication is based on the publication " Vereinfachte Abschätzung des Infektionsrisikos durch aerosolgebundene Viren in belüfteten Räumen " by Dirk Müller et al. The model approach developed there has now been extended by an absolutely assessable reference scenario and by the use of mouth and nose protection and air purifiers as well as by a transient consideration of indoor air quality. This publication can contribute to the evaluation of necessary measures to reduce the risk of aerosol-bound infections in indoor rooms.

Title: Empfehlung zum erforderlichen Luftwechsel in Schulen, Großraumbüros, Hörsälen und Turnhallen zur Reduzierung eines aerosolgebundenen Infektionsrisikos

Authors: Dirk Müller, Kai Rewitz, Dennis Derwein, Tobias Maria Burgholz, Marcel Schweiker, Janine Bardey, Peter Tappler