Publication of the accompanying scientific research "Energiewendebauen - Forschungserkenntnisse von der Komponente bis zum Quartier"

  Cover Copyright: EBC

The accompanying scientific research ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN published together with other external authors the book "Energiewendebauen – von der Komponente bis zum Quartier", which can be downloaded for free on -omponent-bis-to-quartier / bu / 20069015283 can be downloaded. The building sector accounts for around 35 percent of the current total energy demand in Germany: Energy-optimized buildings, intelligent control and networking as well as an economical and climate-friendly energy supply for buildings and neighborhoods are central components for a successful energy and heating transition. Energy research as a strategic element of the energy transition contributes significantly to achieve the energy and climate policy goals in the building sector through innovative technologies and concepts. Therefore, researchers develop new materials for the building sector and work on innovations for highly efficient buildings. Not only individual buildings but also their interfaces to the local energy system are considered, since they can serve as an energy reduction, energy source or energy storage. Digitization plays an essential role in the development of such system solutions: intelligent networking and control enable buildings and districts to interact flexibly with the energy system. In order to be able to provide local and district heating in an energy-efficient manner, pipeline networks and a suitable infrastructure for energy management are required. By coupling electricity, heating and transport sectors energy efficiency can be further increased, as well as more renewable energies can be integrated to advance the decarbonisation of the energy system. In order to prepare solutions that contribute to the achievement of national and European goals all these different topics have to be considered. In order for the energy transition to be successful, the transfer of the research results into practice is an important factor. The comprehensive overview is also intended to encourage researchers in institutes and companies to work together on future solutions and help shape developments on the way to a climate-neutral building stock.