Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award Copyright: EBC



Paul Mathis



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At the Ventilation 2015 conference Paul Mathis has presented a paper by the title “Heat Removal in Shopping Centers with High Cooling Loads by Air-Water Systems with Small Fresh Air Amount and High Cold Water Supply Temperature”. This is a collaborative work of several EBC researchers, including air quality research by Jana Panašková, Daniela HEGEMANN and Verena BRAUNSTEIN as well as optimization of active chilled beam systems by Henning Freitag and overall system analysis with CFD by Paul Mathis himself. The paper earned a best paper award.

  Best Paper Award Copyright: EBC

Furthermore, Paul Mathis presented a work of his colleague Abdu Azem entitled “Energetic evaluation of the heat recovery of an air handling unit taking into account the insulation standards and internal thermal loads”, dealing with the optimum ratio of heat recovery in air handling units.