Defense of six final theses


Six final theses have been defended successfully between November 19th and November 26th.


Romana Markovic presented her bachelor's thesis on the "optimization of cooling load by thermal simulation of rooms for battery storage systems", her thesis was supervised by Thomas Schild in cooperation with the Chair in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building E3D at the Faculty for Civil Engineering.

Katja Ries worked on the "development of a control strategy of a hybrid combined heat and power-photovoltaic system for demand side management" as master's thesis, her tutor was Hassan Harb.

Michael Adolph advised Michael Behnke during his diploma thesis "increasing the efficiency of a learning algorithm by time series analysis."

"Design and integration of virtual building energy systems into an experimental test bench" was the title of Sebastian Brust's master's thesis. He was supervised by Max Huber and Thomas Schütz.

Ana de la Pena finished her master's thesis on the "coupled analysis of a layered storage". Her tutor was Thomas Schütz.

Marco Weber successfully finished his master's studies with a thesis on the "simulation and evaluation of the cooling energy supply for Melaten Campus of the RWTH Aachen University". He was supervised by Jens Teichmann.

EBC congratulates all students for their work and thanks for their contributions.