Final theses in weeks 44 and 45


Between October, 27th and November 7th, nine final theses were successfully presented at the E.ON ERC.


Jan Trosdorff presented his bachelor's thesis about "Stochastic User behavior Models for Non-Residential Buildings: Analysis, Implementation and Validation", his thesis was supervised by Ana Constantin.

Fabien Eben developed a software tool for "Generation of use cases for dynamic simulations of district energy systems" as diploma thesis, his tutor was Marcus Fuchs.

Henning Freitag advised Nils Jagodzinski bachelor's thesis "Conceptual design of an experimental setup for the investigation of different de-icing methods for chillers."

"Experimental Investigation of Air Handling Units in Laboratories" was the title of Philipp Mehrfeld's master's thesis. He was supervised by Moritz Lauster.

The following two master's theses were issued by Hassan Harb. "Cost-Optimal Design of Decentralized Energy Conversion Units in a Combined Electrical and Thermal Grid" was successfully completed by Christian Schwager, "A Control Strategy for the Compensation of Intermittent Renewable Generation in Residential Areas With Interconnected Local Heating Networks and Electrical Grids" by Marc Baranski.

Claudius Bons finished his master's thesis on the "Development of a Fuzzy-Controller for non-linear VAV-applications". His tutor was Max Huber.

Also supervised by Hassan Harb was the master's thesis of Jan NIklas Paprott about "Decentralized coordination of distributed energy resources in an agent based microgrid".

Christian Steinwandel worked on the "Assessment of a thermal building model with measurement data from the IEA Annex 58 experiments" with Ana Constantin.

EBC congratulates all students for their work and thanks for their contributions.