Second Day of BauSIM 2014


Most of the technical sessions took place at the second day of BauSIM. Michael Wetter was awarded the best paper award at the Conference Dinner in the evening.

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The second day of BauSIM started with the Keynote presentation by Professor Thomas Hamacher of TU Munich. He spoke on the topic of "Heat, Power, Retrofit: Tools for the new planning of city districts" and explained that the planning of city districts must take into account energetic needs in the future. A closer bond between heat, power and traffic must be expected. Intelligent use of combined heat and power and Power-to-Heat can be one measure to access the arising challenges from the increase in renewable, fluctuating energy sources. And also electric mobility will gain measurable influence on the energy sector.

Nine technical sessions took place after the keynote (Links open a detailed description of the session):

Further technical discussions and socializing was possible at the conference dinner at Aula Carolina in the evening. Futhermore, the Best Papers of the conference were awarded in bronze, silver and gold.

Award winner were Farhang Tahmasebi und Ardeshir Mahdavi for their paper "Exploring the predictive potential of probabilistic occupancy models", in silver Anne Paepcke and Andreas Nicolai on the topic "Anlagenregelung in ODE-Systemen am Beispiel der thermischen Raum- und Gebäudesimulation" and gold to Michael Wetter, Marco Bonvini and Thierry Stephane Nouidui for "A MODELICA package for building-to-electrical grid integration".


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