Paper about adaptive control published


A paper about adaptive control of heating systems was published in the July Issue of SHT (a german magazin). We reported the results of the first field test we conducted with our self-designed adaptive control system. The article is available only in German language.  

  SHT-Magazine on a stack of paper Copyright: EBC

Michael Adolph, Nina Kopmann and Dirk Müller report their results of a small field test about the adaptive single room control system in the July Issue of SHT (Sanitär+Heizungs Technik, a german magazin for professionals in sanitary and heating engineering). The adaptive single room control system creates individual demand profiles for each room of a flat. Creation of these profiles is easy and does not force the user in a complex setup.

Results show that most users were satisfied with the system, especially the ease-of-use was acknowledged by the participants. Although results for persons with a variable daily schedule could be improved. The results of the field test will be used to further improve the algorithm.