FISITA World Automotive Congress and 'Wärmemanagement des KFZ'


Conference participation from June 2nd to 6th at 35th 'FISITA World Automotive Congress' in Maastricht and at 9th session of 'Wärmemanagement des KFZ' in Potsdam.


With three employees, the EBC was represented at the 35th FISITA Wolrd Automotive Congress in Maastricht, and at the 9th session of the 'Wärmemanagement des Kraftfahrzeugs (incl. Energiemanagement)' in the period from 2nd to 6th June. Mark Wesseling lectured on the topic "Measurement System for Ventilation Efficiency in Car Cabins", Kai Rewitz gave a lecture on "Heat Transfer Measurements of Automobile Structural Components" and Dr. Björn Flieger on "Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation for Cabin Airflows."

FISITA 2014 will showcase the latest mobility innovations from companies and universities throughout the region, including The Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. And like every previous FISITA Congress, it will be a meeting place for engineers and executives from Europe, Asia and America to exchange knowledge and build collaborations for the creation of greener, safer mobility world-wide. For further information see:

The aim of the conference 'Wärmemanagement des Kraftfahrzeugs' is to give an interesting insight into solutions of the heat and energy management by experts from industry and research through the presentation of new methods and current developments. It is reported both about improved and novel components as well as optimization strategies. The notion of computational techniques and applications completes this range of topics. More information can be found at the following link:{2}