Eurotherm Seminar 99


With talks about the advances in thermal energy storages, three EBC staff members attended a seminar in Lleide Spain from May 28th - 30th.


Markus Schuhmacher, Sebastian Stinner and Henryk Wolisz joined the Eurotherm Seminar 99 in Lleida, Spain form May 28th - 30th. Markus Schuhmacher gave a talk on the "Application of thermal storage in a hybrid CHP/solar thermal heating system for residential buildings", Sebastion Stinner topic was "Using big thermal storages in buildings to increase energy efficiency and flexibility" and Henryk Wolisz shared some insights on "Competitiveness and Economic Efficiency of Thermal Energy Storage for Balancing Renewable Electricity Generation".

The Eurotherm seminar aimed to bring together material scientists, physicists, chemists, engineers and architects, from academia and industry, who are working in the rapidly-expanding field of thermal energy storage.

The state of the art in the field will be exposed along with the most recent trends in such areas as novel storage materials, advanced storage concepts and configurations, thermal energy storage for renewable energy systems and thermal storage in buildings.

Theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches will be presented for the entire range of applications, from material characterization to complete storage systems.

More information can be found on the seminars homepage: