Theses presentations 04.06.2014


One master's thesis and three bachelor's theses were successfully defended on June, 4th.


Jürgen Hanke presented his bachelor's thesis on the topic of "Evaluation of Energy Flows in Heating Networks Using Simplified Pipe Models". He was supervised by Marcus Fuchs.

Also supervised by Marcus Fuchs was the bachelor's thesis "Economic Analysis and Simulation of Retrofit Measures in Campus-Structured City Districts" by Frank Bobrowski.

Patrick Zühlke worked in his bachelor's thesis with Henryk Wolisz on "literature based review of the dynamic thermal comfort sensation in residential buildings".

Jo Hadwiger's master's thesis is titled "Examination of future, more energy efficient buildings and their requirements on operational parameters and developed technology in local district heating grids with regard to primary energy use and economic efficiency" and was supervised by Jens Teichmann.

EBC congratulates all four students on their superb work and thanks for their contributions.