Defense of five final theses


Carl Punkenburg, Markus Siethoff, Pascal Block, Michael Staszewki and Julian Niebel successfully presented and defended their final theses in front of staff members and student workers of EBC on May 5th resp. May 6th.


On May 5th, Pascal Block presented and successfully defended his bachelor thesis entitled "Development and implementation of a dynamic control approach for thermal storages in residential buildings". His thesis was supervised by Henryk Wolisz.

Michael Staszewki was supervised by Moritz Lauster and worked successfully during his bachelor thesis on the "typification and energetic investigation of laboratory buildings at Forschungszentrum Jülich".

Subsequently, Julian Niebel talked about his master thesis with the title "Investigation of Ventilation Effectiveness by a Self Developed Wireless CO2 Measurement System and Numerical Flow Simulations". This thesis was supervised by Mark Wesseling.

On May 6th, Carl Punkenburg presented his master thesis entitled "scenarios for the turnaround in energy policy affecting potentials for Demand Side Management and intelligent control of building technology", which was supervised by Henryk Wolisz.

Finally, Markus Siethoff presented his master thesis on the "developement of a test facility for agent based control systems of buildings". His work was supervised by Max Huber.

EBC congratulates all five students on their superb work and thanks for their contributions.