EBC takes part in Modelica Conference and Annex 60 Meeting


Five members of EBC joined the Modelica-Conference in Lund, Sweden, from March 10th-12th 2014. The Annex 60 Meeting that took place directly before the conference was joined by three institute members.  


The 10th Modelica Conference took place in Lund, Sweden between March, 10th-12th. Before the conference a meeting of Annex 60 also took place in Lund, were the EBC was represented by Marcus Fuchs, Moritz Lauster und Markus Schumacher. Later Ana Constantin and Pooyan Jahangiri joined the team for the conference.

The EBC presented its results on the new HouseModels Library (“The Modelica HouseModels Library: Presentation and Evaluation of a Room Model with the ASHRAE Standard 140”), its low-order thermal building model (“Modelling long-wave radiation heat exchange for thermal network building simulations at urban scale using Modelica”) and a new medium to be used in a heat pump (“A Medium Model for the Refrigerant Propane for Fast and Accurate Dynamic Simulations”). (aco)