Master's thesis Lukas Thomas


Software interface for systematic data transfer by means of Building Information Modeling (BIM) datamodels for simulation applications

Representation of an air handling unit in Autodesk Revit Copyright: EBC Representation of an air handling unit in Autodesk Revit

The aim of this master thesis is the development of a software interface that allows the extraction of data from a Building Information Model (BIM) and to make it available for further computation and simulation. In order to achieve this goal two concept drafts are created on the basis of a list of requirements resulting from an examination of the current state of the art and a requirements analysis. A concept based on an existing Open-BIM-Process is selected for further elaboration. It aims to extend the BIM model by introducing component specific links that serve as control elements as well as a superordinate IT infrastructure. This requires the implementation of a client-server-structure and the creation of a database for component data, which is automatically filled parallel to the model generation as part of the open-BIM-process. By considering two application scenarios different possible implementations for the developed interface can be demonstrated. These include functions that enable access to further information and calculations via the BIM model and extend it for both, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication.