Master's Thesis Kristina Kipka


Analysis of the potential of industrial waste heat for utilization of heating for buildings

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Increasing energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role in the industrial sector.
In this respect, this paper discusses the possibility of using industrial waste heat for heating purposes. First, a potential analysis will be carried out at a local industrial location
which forms the basis for implementing a heat exchanger network.
After a detailed inventory on site, potential heat sources and heat sinks are identified and evaluated. The analysis is based on the method of the pinch analysis. This is a static method of analysis which
on the basis of the nominal heat output and the corresponding temperature level of the previously defined
heat sources and heat sinks aims at creating a heat exchanger network. The results show the potential of heat sources of the industrial site exceeding the heat demand of the existing heat sinks.

An alternative approach to determining the potential of waste heat recovery is to be developed by a modification
of the diversity factor. It is noticeable that a simultaneous examination of the
compatibility between heat sources and heat sinks in terms of theirt hermal performance
or heat demand and their temperature levels is not feasible. Instead
a cascading is carried out, on the basis of which a factor can bedetermined,
which provides information about the potential combinations of heat source and heat sink.