Simulation Tools and Optimization Algorithms for Efficient Energy Management in Neighborhoods

London ; San Diego, CA ; Cambridge, MA ; Oxford / Academic Press (2016, 2017) [Buchbeitrag]

Energy positive neighborhoods and smart energy districts / edited by A. Monti (E.ON Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany), D. Pesch (NIMBUS Centre for Embedded Systems Research, Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Ireland), K.A. Ellis (IoT Systems Research Lab, Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, Ireland) P. Mancarella (The University of Manchester, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Manchester, United Kingdom)
Seite(n): 57-100

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Cupelli, Lisette
Schumacher, Markus
Monti, Antonello
Mueller, D.
De Tommasi, L.

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Kouramas, K.