Conference contributions and posters at the Building Simulation Conference 2019

  Building Simulation Conference 2019 Copyright: EBC

Research results of the scientific staff of EBC and IEK10 was presented at the Building Simulations conference. The topics of the contributions are:

  • Tobias Blacha: "Dynamic Simulation of Bidirectional Low-Temperature Networks - A Case Study to Facilitate the Integration of Renewable Energies ",
  • Dominik Hering: "Economic and Ecologic Evaluation of Low Temperature Waste Heat Integration into Existing District Heating",
  • Philipp Mehrfeld: "Calibration of a Hybrid Heat Pump System and Application of an Energy Manager in Building Performance Simulations",
  • Peter Remmen: "Refinement of Dynamic Non-Residential Building Archetypes Using Measurement Data and Bayesian Calibration",
  • Thomas Storek: "Applying Machine Learning to Automate Calibration for Model Predictive Control of Building Energy Systems",
  • Christian Vering: "Unlocking the Potentials of Building Energy Systems' Operational Efficiency: Application of Digital Twin Design for HVAC Systems".

In addition, Michael Mans and Christian Vering participated due to IBPSA scholarships at the conference and at the previous IBPSA Project 1 Expert Meeting.

Finally, the exciting contribution of Dominik Hering was awarded a poster prize.

The conference took place from 02.09.2019 to 04.09.2019 in Rome.