Final Presentation of the Project DELFIN


On 18th June, Tobias Beckhölter attended the final presentation of the BMWi funded project "DELFIN (Decentralized Feed-In) - Prognosis of the Effects of Decentralized Integration of Heat from Renewable Energies and Other Heat Generators in District Heating Networks" in Frankfurt am Main on behalf of the scientific accompanying research (BF). In the presentations of the project partners, the project results were explained and subsequently discussed with the audience. The project partners around AGFW - Der Energieeffizienzverband für Wärme, Kälte und KWK, Technische Universität Dresden and Solites - Forschungsinstitut für solare und zukunftsfähige thermische Energiesysteme have investigated the decentralised integration of volatile renewable energies into existing district heating networks in different scenarios. The focus was on a simulation-based analysis of the district heating networks and the disclosure of thermo-hydraulic effects for different scenarios, the comparative evaluation of the developed simulation scenarios and the investigation of storage variants for the relief of the networks.

​Further project information can be found on the ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN homepage.