Project kick-off: Air humidification in practical applications


On July 19. 2023, the kick-off meeting for the project "Air humidification in practical applications" took place. Martin Kremer and Xuchao Ying from the Team Ventilation Systems participated. In addition to the EBC, the Forschungsvereinigung für Luft- und Trocknungstechnik (Eng.: Research Association for Ventilation and Drying Technology) (FLT) e.V. was also represented.

Due to the increasing importance of air humidification and the pressure to save energy, adiabatic humidification systems are coming more into focus. Nevertheless, there are still concerns about the hygienic operation of humidifiers in practice. Therefore, the hygienic operation of humidification and its energy evaluation are the focus of the project. The EBC presented the current project progress on the analysis of hygienic aspects of humidification in the literature and the simulation approach for an energetic comparison of different humidification systems. There was a lively exchange on the current project results and the further direction of the research project.

More information about the project can be found on this page.