Smart2B General Assembly in Rome

  Group photo Copyright: © Day One

On 04.05.2023 and 05.05.2023, the third General Assembly of the EU-funded project Smart2B took place in Rome.

The meeting was hosted by the Italian startup Day One, which takes care of technology transfer and dissemination within the project.

Negar Mohtashami and Phillip Stoffel from the EBC attended the meeting. From the ERC, Rahil Dejkam from the FCN was also present.

Besides various technical discussions, the meeting was used to present the project progress to the responsible EU officer.

  Another group photo Copyright: © Day One

The Smart2B (Smartness to existing Buildings) project aims to develop smart building energy systems. For this purpose, smart devices, IT infrastructure and IT services are considered. It will put citizens, building occupants and utilities at the center of the energy transition by enabling smart buildings to interact in real time with their occupants and the power grid to unlock energy efficiency and local flexibility.

The project involves 11 different partners from 8 countries.

The ERC will lead the technical, socio-economic analysis of the designed services and ensures their market integration. It will also contribute by developing predictive and adaptive control strategies for building energy systems.