Interdisciplinary Factory Planning

Activity Hours
Application deadline Sun 09.10.2022 23:59
Support Mon 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Kick-off and field trip Mon 17.10.2022 (full day)
Final submission/ examination Mon 30.01.2023 (full day)

​Also in the winter semester 2022/23 students have the opportunity to work on the factory planning task of a project partner as part of an interdisciplinary planning team. The planning process of a factory is characterized by a high
e complexity, since different disciplines work closely together. Until now, prospective engineers and architects have often been insufficiently prepared for this challenge. In the course "Interdisciplinary Factory Planning", students of architecture, mechanical engineering (production technology and energy technology) and civil engineering jointly design a holistic factory concept on the basis of a practical case, so that a highly dynamic, almost real planning process is created.

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Interdisciplinary Factory Planning



The lecture "Interdisciplinary Factory Planning" is funded by quality improvement funds. The contact person for the use of quality improvement funds at our institute is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rita Streblow. Further information regarding the use of quality improvement funds in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering can be found on the website of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.