Siemens RIE Aachen Conference and PhD Pitch Award

  Professor Dirk Müller at the Siemens 2022 conference Copyright: © Martin Braun
  Phillip Stoffel's PhD pitch at the Siemens 2022 conference Copyright: © Martin Braun

The Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem Aachen Conference took place on 7 December 2022. The theme of this year's conference was "Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure".

The focus was particularly on the interaction of smart buildings and electrical grids. Professor Müller gave an exciting keynote speech on this topic entitled "Buildings of the future".

In addition, a PhD pitch competition took place, in which three doctoral students presented their dissertation topic.

Phillip Stoffel from the EBC took part in the competition and was able to convince the jury of his dissertation project.

His presentation entitled "Learning Strategies for Data-Driven Model Predictive Control for Building Energy Systems" won first place and was awarded €3,000 in prize money.

  Marco Witz giving a presentation at the Siemens conference 2022 Copyright: © Martin Braun

On day two of the conference, Marco Wirtz gave insights into current research activities in the field of energy system optimization for neighborhoods and presented the planning software nPro, which is developed and offered by a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University.

A recording of the conference is available at the following link:

(Keynote Prof. Müller from 45:38, PhD Pitch Phillip Stoffel from 01:17:52)