1st place at the Institute Olympics for the EBC

  Institute Olympics Copyright: © EBC

After three long Corona years, this year, the RWTH FH Sports Day could finally retake place as usual. A highlight of the event is, as every year, the Institute Olympics, where the different institutes had to prove themselves in unusual sports, such as sack soccer. Many colleagues in large numbers supported the active athletes. Since this event is not purely about sporting success, an excellent 22nd place can definitely be considered a success.

In the most important competition, awards are given to the best fans. The coveted fan award, with its unique trophy, is about creative and enthusiastic support. Although EBC was still outnumbered in the stands in the early stages of the competition, a clear trend could be seen as the tournament progressed. The EBC supported its team like no other institute. In addition to numerous creative posters, it was above all the numerous fan chants that caught the ears of the spectators.

The jury's decision was clear: The fan award of the RWTH FH Sports Day 2022 goes to the EBC!