Girls' Day 2022

  EBC employee introducing the work of the institute at Girls' Day 2022 Copyright: © EBC

After a break of two years, the E.ON Energy research center organized "Girls' Day 2022" on the 28th of April, where a group of 10 students were able to learn more about energy topics in a fun way. The EBC participated by holding short, interactive sessions about indoor energy efficiency and air quality.

Firstly, with the help of a sophisticated monitoring system, the girls witnessed in real-time the effect their presence had in a room on temperature and CO2 levels, where they also learned about simple ways to manage CO2 levels indoors. Then they put themselves in the shoes of test users who often participate in assessing air quality, where the students put their noses to the test to identify unlabeled scent sources.

  Some EBC employees and students in the lens of a thermal camera Copyright: © EBC

Afterward, using a thermal imaging camera in the same room, the students saw how different objects emit heat and recognized possible heat waste aspects. Lastly, the presenting research associates shared a bit about what a typical and non-typical work day looks like to inform the students and help them make career decisions in the future.