Participation in the Clima 2022 in Rotterdam

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The 14th REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2022 was held from 22nd - 25th May 2022 in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Clima conference is one of the leading international scientific congresses in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). The congress is organized once every 3 years by one of the member associations of REHVA.

Overall, more than 300 papers in the field of health & comfort, energy, circularity and digitalization were presented at this conference. For EBC, Mahmoud ElMokadem presented the paper "Influence of temperature and relative humidity on subjective and objective air quality data in shopping centers" in "Health & Comfort - IAQ assessment" session as part of the project "EnmoduS: Optimization of modularly planned shopping centers supported by energy data".

As a result of the cooperation between the EBC, Htx Wissenschafts gGmbH and the teaching and research area "Healthy Living Spaces" of the Uniklink Aachen (HLS), two further presentations were also given by HLS as part of the project "Attract-hc: Attracting human capital for the Rhenish mining area through comfortable, healthy and productivity-enhancing indoor spaces". Hannah Pallubinsky presented "Effects of daytime cool vs. warm exposure on evening thermal perception and thermoregulation" in the session "Health & Comfort - Thermophysiology". Rania Christoforou presented "The effect of thermal comfort conditions during work hours on social disconnection" in the session "Health & Comfort - Thermal perception". The co-authors were Janine Bardey, Kai Rewitz, Mahmoud El-Mokadem, Tobias Burgholz, Dirk Müller and Marcel Schweiker.

In addition to the scientific exchange, the conference could be used for networking with researchers and representatives of the industry such as Carrier and ASHRAE.