Final project meeting of the BMWK funded research project SUSTAIN2

  SUSTAIN2 final project meeting Copyright: © EBC

On 01.06.2023, the final project meeting for the BMWK-funded research project "SUSTAIN2: Sanierung eines Stadtquartiers mit einer integrierten Netzinfrastruktur, Phase 2: Umsetzung und Demonstration" was held at the EBC. Together with the partners from E.ON Energy Solutions, the city of Bottrop and Emscher Lippe Energie, as well as a representative of the Projektträger Jülich, we looked back on four successful years of the project. As part of SUSTAIN2, 25 public buildings in the city of Bottrop were digitized, and the data from various monitoring systems were combined in a higher-level cloud infrastructure. This approach made it possible, on the one hand, to gain valuable insights into the various cloud-based measurement systems in use and, on the other hand, to support the city of Bottrop by recommending actions for operation and digitization. In addition, a guideline will be created based on the findings, which will contain concrete recommendations for cities and municipalities to support their energy transition through digitalization.