The research at the Department of Building and Indoor Climate Technology is divided among seven closely cooperating research teams in order to be able to answer the questions on efficient energy supply and sustainable and user-centered operation of buildings in the city of tomorrow. Under "Research Teams" you can learn more about the individual work areas of the teams. Further information can be found under "Research Projects", where you can get an overview of already completed and the ongoing research projects of the respective teams. In addition, under "Open-source data and software" you will find links to our freely available computational tools and research data, which you can either download or use directly as a web application. Under "Equipment and Methods" you will find information on our current solution approaches categorized into simulation, optimization, experiment, hardware-in-the-loop and field test. An overview of all publications, often with full-text access, can be found under "Publications". In addition, you will find information on our contributions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic under "COVID-19".

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