Study presentations


Students have the possibility to present their thesis or their internship report in a student colloquium. If you are writing your thesis at our institute your supervisor will coordinate the date of your presentation. If you wish to present your internship report please contact us. 

name date title type of work



Hannah Romberg

26.11.2021 Multi-Period Design Optimization of 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks Based on Mixed-Integer Linear Programming M.Sc. Marco Wirtz 15:00 / Zoom

Antonio Martí Monsó

26.11.2021 CO2 emission reduction potentials in the building sector: Modeling and optimization for techno-economic analysis of the use of decentralized energy systems in existing housing stock M.Sc. Larissa Kühn 14:30 / Zoom
Wan-Ju Liu 26.11.2021

Development of a modular framework in Python for the integration of scalable model-based applications in a building energy system in the context of Digital Twins

B.Sc. Sebastian Borges 14:00 / Zoom

Marcel Durben


Evaluation of optimization algorithms for data-driven model predictive control of thermal energy systems

B.Sc. Phillip Stoffel Thomas Storek 14:30 / Zoom

Jan Lorbach

19.11.2021 Assessing the potential of energy savings regarding the influence of visualization options through energetic data transparency on user motivation in a competitive scenario B.Sc. Markus Schraven Marc Syndicus 15:00 / Zoom
Mohsen Nakhostdashiti 19.11.2021 Development of a Modular Acoustic and Lighting Interior Design for an Indoor Climate Lab B.Sc. Jun Jiang 15:30 / Zoom
Dimitrios Petrou 12.11.2021

Optimization of the Downstream flowfield of free-running radial fans regarding efficiency in part-load operation

B.Sc. Philipp Ostmann 15:30 / Zoom

Plamen Bogdanov


Development and evaluation of dynamic models for simulation of frost formation on fin-and-tube heat exchangers of air-to-water heat pumps

B.Sc. Jonas Klingebiel 15:00 / Zoom

Paul Bannmüller

12.11.2021 Development and evaluation of control concepts for efficient defrosting of air-source heat pumps by experimental analysis of optimal defrosting start time B.Sc. Jonas Klingebiel Stephan Göbel 14:30 / Zoom

Milena Tings


Comparison of bidding strategies for auction-based local energy markets

B.Sc. Sarah Henn 14:00 / Zoom

John Scott Groves


Development and Simulation of Cloud-Based Model Predictive Control for a multi-story research building applying Iterative Learning Control

M.Sc. Florian Redder 14:30 / Zoom

Hanna Lina Hesel


Investigations of the energy balance and economic efficiency of heat pump systems, taking into account the operation limitations and efficiency increase

B.Sc. Sebastian Borges Laura Maier 15:00 / Zoom
Moritz Salamon 28.10.2021 Development and evaluation of machine learning methods for optimizing the defrosting process of air-to-water heat pumps B.Sc. Jonas Klingebiel 15:00 / Zoom

David Velasquez Wiehls

28.10.2021 Bias and measurement uncertainties of PIV evaluations based on a transitional free jet B.Sc. Tim Röder 15:30 / Zoom

Tori Wiederhöft


Optimization of a grid-supportive building considering thermal comfort and user preference in charging the electric vehicle

B.Sc. Yizhuo Zhang 16:00 / Zoom

Peter Bosch


Evaluation of modeling approaches for emulation of the part-load behavior in stationary off-design exemplified by the refrigerant and the refrigerant cycle

B.Sc. Christian Vering 15:00 / Zoom

Johannes Prenger


Potential analysis of heat pump interfaces in hybrid heat generator systems using software-in-the-loop simulations

B.Sc. Stephan Göbel 14:30 / Zoom

Mohamed Ismail

21.10.2021 Potential analysis of oil-free NH3-compressors in refrigeration technology B.Sc. Tim Klemig 15:30 / Zoom

Julius Averkorn

15.10.2021 Assessment of the influence of different set values of model predictive control concepts in building energy systems M.Sc. Laura Maier 15:00 / Zoom

Philipp Döbbelin


Simulation-based evaluation of the isentropic efficiency of refrigerant compressors for heat pumps

B.Sc. Christian Vering 11:30 / Zoom

Nicole Koczorek


Evaluation and comparison of the model accuracy of thermophysiological comfort models

M.Sc. Dennis Derwein 11:00 / Zoom
Felix Rippinger 08.10.2021 Analysis of alternative approaches for the pipe dimensioning of 5\textsuperscript{th} generation district heating and cooling networks B.Sc. Tobias Blacha 11:00 / Zoom

Fabian Moehrke


Analysis and evaluation of the influence of sink temperatures on the selection of an optimal refrigerant in heat pumps

B.Sc. Christoph Höges 10:30 / Zoom

Tanja Datsko


Analyse und Bewertung des Einflusses von Quellentemperaturen auf die Wahl eines optimalen Arbeitsmittels in Wärmepumpen

B.Sc. Christoph Höges 13:00 / Zoom

Antonio Steimann


Bewertung des Einflusses der Unsicherheit von Störgrößenvorhersagen auf eine hierarchische modellprädiktive Regelung

B.Sc. Laura Maier 09:30 / Zoom

Christian Tjorben Wenzel

01.10.2021 Untersuchung des Einflusses von Gebäudeenergiesystemen auf Wärmenetze der 5. Generation anhand von reduzierten Gebäudemodellen M.Sc. Tobias Blacha 10:00 / Zoom

Sascha Rumpel


Entwicklung eines Bewertungssystems für Schwimmbäder auf Basis spezifischer Kennzahlen

M.Sc. Tanja Osterhage, Larissa Kühn 10:30 / Zoom

Andy Otto


Bewertung von Umweltsimulationen für Wärmepumpensysteme

M.Sc. Christian Vering 16:30 / Zoom

Tobias Jacobskötter


Bewertung der Reglerentwicklung und Inbetriebnahme eines Hardware-in-the-Loop-Hydraulik Prüfstands zur Gebäudeemulation

M.Sc. Christian Vering 16:00 / Zoom

Justus Manuel Hugenberg


Bewertung externer Einflüsse auf die Gesamtwirtschaftlichkeit von Wärmepumpensystemen

B.Sc. Christian Vering 15:30 / Zoom

Jannik Fischer


Entwicklung und Bewertung bedarfsgerechter Lüftungsstrategien für Krankenhäuser

B.Sc. Martin Rätz 14:30 / Zoom

Paul Wotzka


Thermodynamische Analyse potenzieller Kältemittel für Hochtemperaturwärmepumpen unter Berücksichtigung des Einsatzes einer Expansionsmaschine


Valerius Venzik, Christoph Höges

15:00 / Zoom

Alexander Güntgen


Development of a modular, microcontroller-based multisensor system for indoor air quality measurements

B.Sc. Tobias Burgholz 11:00 / Zoom

Vincent Evenschor

24.09.2021 Development of a Framework for the Application and Optimization of Reinforcement Learning for the Control of Complex Energy Systems M.Sc. Thomas Schreiber 14:00 / Zoom

Benjamin Moadh Arfa

24.09.2021 Implementation and integration of reinforcement learning driven system intelligence for the control of indoor climate M.Sc. Thomas Schreiber 12:00 / Zoom
Julius Wieseler 24.09.2021 Evaluation of the influence of target functions and boundary conditions on the design optimization of heat pump systems B.Sc. Christian Vering 11:30 / Zoom

Matthias Ellinger


Influence of sizing and CO₂ prizing on the profitability and CO₂ emissions of an operationally optimized PV battery storage building energy system

B.Sc. Laura Maier 09:30 / Zoom

Dustin Frings

10.09.2021 Development and evaluation of a reliable refrigeration cycle for the dynamic investigation of expansion valves B.Sc. Tim Klebig 09:00 / Zoom

Wenzel Wittich

09.09.2021 Quantifying the Potential for Local Energy Markets - an Analysis considering the Structure of Community Energy Systems M.Sc. Sarah Henn 15:30 / Zoom

Martin Stürmer

09.09.2021 Creation and validation of building classes for physical building simulation based on archetypes M.Sc. David Wackerbauer 15:00 / Zoom
Rou Wen 04.08.2021 Generation and Validation of Suitable BIM Models for Building Energy Simulations by Applying a Self-Developed IFC-Validator M.Sc. David Jansen 15:00 / Zoom

Ronja Hestert


Cost allocation in central optimized Energy Communities

B.Sc. Sarah Henn 15:30 / Zoom
Peter Augustin 30.07.2021

Agent-based distributed operation optimization of building energy systems

M.Sc. Thomas Storek, Steffen Eser, Fabian Wülhorst 15:30 / Zoom

Daniel Stopp

22.07.2021 Evaluation of Methods for Efficient Model Discrimination with Optimal Experimental Design Using Refrigerant Compressors M.Sc. Christian Vering 14:30 / Zoom
Sebastian Ostlender 22.07.2021 Evalutaion of the influence of complex control algorithms on design and operating characteristics of heat pump systems M.Sc. Christian Vering, Fabian Wüllhorst 14:00 / Zoom
Lukas Drexler 21.07.2021

Calibration and Evaluation of a Dynamic Simulation Model for the Development of Efficient Defrosting Strategies for Heat Pumps

M.Sc. Jonas Klingebiel 14:30 / Zoom
Alexander Agnesens 16.07.2021

Development of a data-based control strategy to optimize the heat supply for the worst point of a heating system using machine learning

M.Sc. Florian Stinner 14:30 / Zoom
Kevin Kroll 16.07.2021

Automated Generation of Hybrid Automata for Model Predictive Control of Thermal Energy Systems

M.Sc. Thomas Storek 14:00 / Zoom

Tobias Boschmann

25.06.2021 Modelling and simulation of the hydrogen-energysystem of a fused quartz producer in Modelica to identify efficient systemconcepts B.Sc. Hannah Krützfeldt 14:00 / Zoom

Xinling Li


Automated modeling of mode-based control using Fuzzy-Petri-Nets

M.Sc. Xiaoye Cai 14:30 / Zoom
Karoline Munser 25.06.2021

Experimental analysis of the effect of faults in a heating system using a HiL test bench

B.Sc. Gerrit Bode 15:00 / Zoom
Yuhan Hu 28.05.2021

Robust optimization for the scheduling of modernization measures for typical non-residential buildings

M.Sc. Jan Richarz 13:30 / Zoom

Anna Poensgen

28.05.2021 Modeling of Swimming Pools in Swimming Halls for the Investigation of Energy and Water Demands M.Sc. Tanja Osterhage 14:00 / Zoom
Stefan Gansen 21.05.2021

Simulative and experimental investigation of hybrid heat generation systems using representative periods

M.Sc. Stephan Göbel 14:30 / Zoom

Moritz Zuschlag


Parameter reduction and modular development of models for heat generators in Modelica

M.Sc. David Jansen 14:00 / Zoom
Nicole Grode 07.05.2021 Simulation study on the integration of decentralized generators and storage technologies in the local cooling network of a city district M.Sc. David Wackerbauer 11:00 / Zoom
Lisa Krüger 07.05.2021 Vortex Identification in Pulsed Air Jets Based on PIV Measurements B.Sc. Tim Röder 10:30 / Zoom
Janik Horst 30.04.2021 Development of an air-to-water heat pump involving the development and validation of a model based superheat controller B.Sc. Stephan Göbel, Tim Klebig, Dr.-Ing. Valerius Venzik 14:30 / Zoom
Matthias Teupel 30.04.2021 Development of a modular, cloud-based computational model for uncertainty determination on HiL test benches B.Sc. Stephan Göbel 15:00 / Zoom
Fabian Lumma 30.04.2021

Analysis oft the turbulence spectrum of transitional free jets using CFD simulations

M.Sc. Tim Röder 12:30 / Zoom
Lukas Netterdon 23.04.2021 Applicability of reference profiles for automated fault detection in heat pumps using machine learning B.Sc. Hannah Krützfeldt 15:00 / Zoom
Jingxin Yang 23.04.2021 Experimental Quantification of Air Volume Flow and Evaluation of Thermal Comfort by Natural Ventilation M.Sc. Jun Jiang 15:30 / Zoom
Max Berktold 09.04.2021 Model Predictive Control of Building Energy Systems using Neural Networks B.Sc. Phillip Stoffel 14:30 / Zoom

Luis Cisneros

09.04.2021 Application of artificial intelligence algorithms for the predictive maintenance of electric submersible pumps for geothermal energy systems B.Sc. Thomas Schreiber 14:00 / Zoom
Julian Matthes 01.04.2021 Development of an adaptive operation optimization for hydrogen based district energy systems using mixed-integer linear optimization M.Sc. Tobias Beckhölter 13:00 / Zoom
Julian Bartz 01.04.2021 Comparative study of thermal load models for non-residential buildings for the combinatorial use within optimization models for building energy systems M.Sc. Jan Richarz 12:30 / Zoom
Jan Philipp Heymowski 24.03.2021

Optimization of the operation strategy of parallel arranged fans regarding their energy consumption under part load conditions

M.Sc. Philipp Ostmann 15:00 / Zoom

Dominik Schwarz

19.03.2021 Development of a refrigerant transfer station and ecological evaluation of refrigerants using life cycle climate performance M.Sc. Christian Vering 14:30 / Zoom

Julius Brillert


Development and implementation of a neural network to identify the influence of important fluid parameters on the efficiency in refrigeration cycles

B.Sc. Christoph Höges 14:00 / Zoom
Martin Bolten 12.03.2021 Development and implementation of a methodology for the systematic design of heat pump components with the focus on heat exchangers B.Sc. Christoph Höges 14:00 / Zoom
Maximilian Walde 19.02.2021

Development of a model-predictive control exploiting generation flexibilities of a sector-coupled energy hub

M.Sc. David Wackerbauer 16:00 / Zoom

Ervin Lejlic

19.02.2021 Development of efficient manufacturing processes for demand-controlled residential ventilation un B.Sc. Martin Kremer 15:30 / Zoom

Laura Coordt

11.02.2021 Design of a model for the cloud-based operation of building energy systems with Apache Nifi B.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 11:00 / Zoom
Joel Schölzel 11.02.2021

Development of a Local Energy Market for Trading between Distributed Energy Systems

M.Sc. Sarah Henn Tobias Beckhölter 11:30 / Zoom
Frederik Frohnhofen 05.02.2021 Analysis of the thermal flexibility of the E.ON ERC main building based on monitoring data M.Sc. Phillip Stoffel 13:30 / Zoom

Junyi Xue

05.02.2021 A method for automated modeling of energy systems with mode-based control algorithms M.Sc. Xiaoye Cai 14:00 / Zoom

Felix Stegemerten


Development of a model-based cost function generation for the agent-based operational optimization of building energy systems

M.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 16:30 / Zoom

Lars Heesemann

29.01.2021 Development of a methodology for the monetary evaluation of automatically determined savings potentials in building automation M.Sc. David Wackerbauer Erik Brümmendorf 16:00 / Zoom

Muhab Hassan


Experimental investigation and energetical evaluation of defrosting methods for air coolers

B.Sc. Jonas Klingebiel 15:30 / Zoom

Daniel Glusko


Development of a methodology for automatic rule extraction for the operational optimization of building energy systems by means of machine learning

B.Sc. Laura Maier 10:30 / Zoom

Jonas Grossmann


5GDHC Networks: Evaluating their integration potential in new and existing city districts

M.Sc. Michael Mans 11:30 / Zoom
Marie Kruppa 22.01.2021

Development of an evaluation tool for assessing the potential of ultra-low temperature heating grids in new city districts

M.Sc. Michael Mans 11:00 / Zoom

Tobias Otto

18.01.2021 Development of PV electricity marketing strategies for non-residential buildings M.Sc. Laura Maier 15:30 / Zoom
Elaine Schmitt 18.01.2021 Modelling of a detailed underfloor heating system for thermal building simulations with Modelica M.Sc. Stephan Göbel Philipp Mehrfeld 16:00 / Zoom

Jonas Bühner


Exergo-economic investigation and assessment of heat pump circuits

B.Sc. Christoph Höges Valerius Venzik 14:00 / Zoom
Siegfried Lasaros Suthau 15.01.2021

Framework development for exchangeable models for transient building and plant simulations in the field of building energy systems

M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 14:30 / Zoom
Sascha Haibach 15.01.2021

Analysis of frost formation on the fins of air coolers using photo-optical measuring methods

B.Sc. Jonas Klingebiel 15:00 / Zoom

Elfi Fertl


Development of a Procedure for Thermographic Reconstruction of Indoor Spaces through Sensor Fusion of a Thermal Imaging Detector and a Depth Sensor

M.Sc. Paul Seiwert Guarnieri Calo' Carducci 15:30 / Zoom
Julius Braun 08.01.2021

Development of analysis functions for the automated faultdetection and -diagnosis of combined heat and power plants


David Wackerbauer Erik Brümmendorf

14:30 / Zoom
Steffen Eser 08.01.2021

Implementation and analysis of distributed model predictive control algorithms for the control of complex building energy systems

M.Sc. Phillip Stoffel 14:00 / Zoom
Mengting Yang 18.12.2020 Dynamic modeling and simulation of a shallow ground source heat exchanger using Modelica M.Sc. Michael Mans 13:00 / Zoom

Fabian Mühlpfordt


Design and calibration of a transient building and energy system model for integration into a Software framework for model predictive control

M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 13:30 / Zoom
Leonard Schulte 14.12.2020 Development and Implementation of a District Energy Management System M.Sc. Sarah Henn 14:00 / Zoom

Timo Wenzel


Development and application of a game theoretical approach for the operational optimization of district energy systems

M.Sc. Sarah Henn 14:30 / Zoom

Sebastian Borges

10.12.2020 Development of systematic methods for modelling and calibration of Digital Twins for sustainable supply systems M.Sc. Christian Vering, Hannah Krützfeld 16:00 / Zoom
Cornelia Klüter 10.12.2020

Model-based analysis of design methods for heat pump processes

M.Sc. Christian Vering 16:30 / Zoom

Malte Teuchert

04.12.2020 Treatment of Uncertainties in Model and Disturbance Variables in the Model Predictive Control of Energy Systems M.Sc.

Phillip Stoffel

14:30 / Zoom
Stephan Wegewitz 04.12.2020

Multiobjective optimization for existing building retrofit schedules using a genetic algorithm

M.Sc. Jan Richarz 14:00 / Zoom
Sebastian Wingen 30.11.2020

Modification and commissioning of an existing air/water compression heat pump for experimental investigation of low GWP next generation refrigerants

M.Sc. Valerius Venzik 15:00 / Zoom
Florian Will 30.11.2020

Evaluation of statistically planned experiments with special focus on accuracy of measurements in refrigerant circuits

B.Sc. Christian Vering 15:30 / Zoom
Konstantina Xanthopoulou 26.11.2020 Validation of a building model of the AixLib library for transient building performance simulations in Modelica M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 14:00 / Zoom
Kai Droste 26.11.2020 Development of a cloud controlled building automation and comparison with the current state of the art M.Sc. Markus Schraven 14:30 / Zoom

Baoying Han

26.11.2020 Experimental and simulative investigation on the performance and control of membrane-based enthalpy exchanger M.Sc. Martin Kremer 15:00 / Zoom

Fabian Stupperich


Optimization of a Mixing Process caused by von-Kármán Vortex Streets using transient CFD Simulation

B.Sc. Philipp Ostmann 12:30 / Zoom
Tim Klebig 25.11.2020 Development of a modular refrigeration circuit to classify the performance of low-GWP refrigerants M.Sc. Christian Vering 13:00 / Zoom
Xiao Zhang 20.11.2020 Simulation-based development of mode-based control algorithms applied to an adaptive cooling network M.Sc. Xiaoye Cai 14:00 / Zoom
Maximilian Ortmann 20.11.2020 Realtime Occupancy Detection in Healthcare Settings via IoT-Sensor Fusion B.Sc. Martin Rätz 14:30 / Zoom
Min Mou 17.11.2020 Analysis of the parameters for fault models in building energy systems M.Sc. Gerrit Bode 10:00 / Zoom
Larissa Kühn 17.11.2020 Operation optimization of grid-connected PV-battery systems within non-residential buildings using model predictive control M.Sc. Laura Maier 10:30 / Zoom
Bijan Viktor Seyed Sadjjadi 17.11.2020

Simulation and characterisation of thermoelectric heating systems for the private building sector

M.Sc. Paul Mathis 11:00 / Zoom
Yi Ding 13.11.2020 A method for automated modeling of mode-based control algorithms with fuzzy logic M.Sc. Xiaoye Cai 13:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Moritz Mohr 13.11.2020

Exergy analysis of an air-water heat pump using cloud-based real-time analysis on a hardware-in-the-loop test bench

M.Sc. Stephan Göbel, Valerius Venzik 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Steffen Frölian

13.11.2020 Machine Learning based energy consumption prediction of production machines for the deduction of energy indicators B.Sc. Laura Maier 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Wenbo Zhang

25.09.2020 Development of a model library for the optimization of cross-sectoral energy supply systems M.Sc. Marco Wirtz, Kuangye Gong (ABB) 13:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Moritz Taron


Development of a model-based controller using the example of a air-to-water-heatpump

B.Sc. Valerius Venzik, Stephan Göbel, Katharina Breuer 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Lukas Söffing 25.09.2020 Analysis of vortex rings in the application of pulsed supply air jets B.Sc. Tim Röder 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Ben Scheitler

24.09.2020 Assessment of living lab concepts for investigation of innovative heat pump systems in complex experiments M.Sc. Christian Vering 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Viktor Schüssler

24.09.2020 Development of adaptive model predictive controllers for application in HVAC systems B.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Benani Zoumba 24.09.2020

Key Performance Indicators for the Energetic Assessment of Swimming Pools

B.Sc. Verena Dannapfel 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Kevin Wantz


Prototype development of a facade-integrated heat pump with special focus on the flow characteristics of the heat exchanger

M.Sc. Sebastian Remy 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Jan Mittag


Conceptual design and realisation of a facade-integrated heat pump

M.Sc. Sebastian Remy 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Dmitry Oleynikov


Investigation of machine learning methods for the creation of models used in the control of energy systems

M.Sc. Thomas Schreiber, Alexander Kümpel 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Maximilian Fein


Simulative efficiency evaluation of DC-coupled, flexible building energy storage systems considering operation dynamics.

M.Sc. Sarah Henn 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Marius Frikel 02.09.2020 Model-based test rig design for the dynamic characterization of expansion valves in refrigerant circuits B.Sc. Christian Vering 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Hendrik Kroppa


Reverse engineering of fluid selection for heat pumps used in building Energy systems

B.Sc. Christian Vering 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Abdussamed Tanrikulu


Improvement of a heat pump system design optimiser considering hyperparameters and building variations

B.Sc. Christian Vering 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Benedikt Schuler


Development of a method for the evaluation of next-generation refrigerants in counterclockwise thermodynamic cycles

B.Sc. Valerius Venzik, Christoph Höges 16:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Laura Kuper 17.08.2020 Design of a linear long-term optimization model for an Energy System with Connection to a geothermal field B.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Greta Kolb 17.08.2020

Development and analysis of various system configurations of bidirectional low-temperature networks for urban districts

M.Sc. Tobias Blacha 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Philipp Trompetter

06.08.2020 Simulation based development of modular ice storage models for large scale energy systems B.Sc. Laura Maier 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Fabian Bekemeier


Simulation-based benchmark of a mode-based control strategy for HVAC systems

B.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Janine Bardey 06.08.2020 Measurement and analysis of the influence of plant wall systems on indoor climate control M.Sc. Marc Baranski 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Sebastian Eibel

31.07.2020 Integration of a cloud-based energy management system in a mode based control algorithm of a building system M.Sc. Laura Maier, Thomas Schreiber 13:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Guillermo Pezet


Development and Implementation of an Alternative Model for the Representation of the Soil in the Thermal Network Simulation of 5GDHC-systems

M.Sc. Michael Mans 12:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Leonard Theunissen

24.07.2020 Impact of real building geometry on dynamic demand performance of large districts using the example of research center Jülich B.Sc. Peter Remmen 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Paul-Werner Neißer-Deiters 24.07.2020

Application of Time Series Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Topology Detection in Building Automation Systems

M.Sc. Florian Stinner 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Frodo Peiffer 03.07.2020 Automated Rule Extraction for Automata-Based Model Predictive Control of Thermal Energy Systems M.Sc. Thomas Storek 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Malte Berrenberg 03.07.2020 Development of a measurement methodology to simplify the calibration of digital twins B.Sc. Christian Vering 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Achim Gervens

19.06.2020 Development of a Rule-Based Control Strategy to Integrate an Ice Storage in Cooling Systems of Non-Residential Buildings B.Sc. Laura Maier 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Marius Schönegge 19.06.2020 Operation Optimisation of a Commercial All-Electric Building by means of Economic Model Predictive Control M.Sc. Laura Maier, Sarah Henn 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Max Spanier 19.06.2020 Optimization of the energy system of existing non-residential buildings using genetic algorithms M.Sc. Jan Richarz 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Görkem Günerler 20.05.2020 Examination of hydraulic robustness for bivalent heat pump systems without heating buffer tank M.Sc. Christian Vering 11:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Lisa Neumaier 20.05.2020 Optimal Design and Operation of 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks Based on Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization M.Sc. Marco Wirtz 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Jonathan Kriwet


Automated generation of hybrid automata for dynamic modelling of thermal energy systems

B.Sc Thomas Storek 14:30 / E.ON ERC 20.02
Simon Bierfreund 15.05.2020 Object-oriented energy system evaluation using a cloud-based calculation environment B.Sc. Thomas Schreiber 15:00 / E.ON ERC 20.02

Christoph Netsch


Optimal Control of a Cooling System with a thermal Energy Storage using offline pre-trained Reinforcement Learning Techniques

M.Sc. Thomas Schreiber 14:30 / E.ON ERC 20.02
Sebastian Bereda 27.04.2020 Integrated optimization of electricity and gas transmission networks for integration of renewable gases by power-to-gas M.Sc. Marco Wirtz, Lukas Löhr (IAEW) 15:30 / IAEW
Stanley Risch 24.04.2020 Influence of prior information on the bayesian calibration of archetype building models M.Sc. Peter Remmen 14:30 / E.ON ERC 20.02
Sascha Dünnebier 17.04.2020

Simulation-based analysis of different control strategies considering sanitation and energy demand for domestic hot water supply


Katharina Brinkmann, Stephanie Kaschewski

12:30 / E.ON ERC 20.02
Lovis Kauderer 17.04.2020 Development of a tool for automated calibration of energy system models by means of machine learning methods B.Sc. Thomas Storek, Katharina Brinkmann 13:00 / E.ON ERC 20.02

Jan Stock

17.04.2020 Simulation-based analysis of different heat supply scenarios of buildings with integration of waste heat into low-temperature district heating M.Sc. Dominik Hering 13:30 / E.ON ERC 20.02
Phillip Eller 14.04.2020

Development of an energy-based optimization model for the generation of ecological and economical modernization strategies for non-residential buildings

M.Sc. Kai Rewitz 11:00 / E.ON ERC 20.02

Vincent Kammerer

27.03.2020 Implementation of indoor occupant detection by machine learning through thermographic imaging B.Sc. Kai Rewitz 09:30 / E.ON ERC 20.02
Thomas Schramm 23.03.2020 Set-up of Complex Hardware-in-the-Loop Experiments for Robust Execution and Real-Time Analysis M.Sc. Markus Nürenberg, Stephan Göbel 11:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Daseul Jeong

28.02.2020 Automatic time-series clustering for thermal energy systems. M.Sc.

David Wackerbauer, Thomas Storek

10:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Yue Cen

28.02.2020 Mode-based control algorithms with fuzzy logic applied to a cooling system M.Sc. Xiaoye Cai 09:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Yadi Wang


Simulation-based development of mode-based control algorithms applied to a cooling supply system

M.Sc. Xiaoye Cai 09:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Sören Eschweiler 07.02.2020 Application of methods from the field of reinforcement learning for optimal control of an adaptive refrigeration supply system M.Sc. Thomas Schreiber 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Tobin Fiedler 07.02.2020

Development of a test bench control system for the investigation of adaptive control strategies for single temperature control on a hardware-in-the-loop test bench

B.Sc. Stephan Göbel 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Christiane Döring 10.01.2020 Optimal local allocation of Batteries in urban power systems B.Sc. Sarah Henn 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Helena Halsbenning 10.01.2020

Framework development for modular building and HVAC simulations to perform sensitivity analysis and for providing representative time periods

M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 11:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Felix Rehmann 07.01.2020 Automated transformation of technical systems into digital twins by application of artificial intelligence M.Sc Florian Stinner, Thomas Storek 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Florian Pontzen 19.12.2019 Optimal sizing and positioning of energy storage systems in low-voltage grids B.Sc. Sarah Henn 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Sherifa Fayed 19.12.2019 Development and practical use of a cloud-based big data solution for the analysis of complex energy systems and automated action derivation M.Sc. Erik Brümmendorf 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.27

Ziyuan Chen


Development of a Virtual Test Environment for the Control of Thermal Networks

M.Sc. Michael Mans 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Mahmoud Elhawi 18.12.2019 Creation and application of a framework for implementing model predictive controller in building energy systems M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.18
Yiting Yang 03.12.2019

Dynamic cooling load estimation using tuned recurrent neural networks with long short-term memory units

M.Sc. Schreiber Thomas 12:30 / E.ON ERC 00.28
Matti Rademacher 07.11.2019 Simulative Evaluation of Pure and Mixed Models in Refrigerant Circuits with Operating Dynamics M.Sc. Christian Vering 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Jonas Klingebiel 07.11.2019 Energetic and acoustic evaluation of multi-variable control strategies for refrigerant circuits M.Sc. Christian Vering 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.27

Christoph Höges


Evaluation of simulation-based design approaches of heat pump systems considering operation dynamics

M.Sc. Christian Vering 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Lukas Thomas 07.11.2019

Software interface for systematic data transfer by means of Building Information Modeling (BIM) datamodels for simulation applications

M.Sc. Paul Mathis 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Maximilian Szymula 07.11.2019 Simulative Investigation on the dimensioning of rotary enthalpy exchangers with regard to efficiency and profitability B.Sc.

Konstantin Finkbeiner

Martin Kremer

10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Johannes Kern 30.10.2019 Indoor Comfort and Energy Optimization in Smart Buildings with Deep Reinforcement Learning B.Sc. Florian Stinner 12:00 / E.ON ERC 00.18 / 00.19
Fabian Lesjak 30.10.2019 Development and analysis of an automated blind control at the E.ON ERC main building B.Sc. Felix Nienaber 16:00 / E.ON ERC 00.18 / 00.19
Martin Stiller 30.10.2019

Model predictive control of a geothermal field for the cost-optimal use of its heating and cooling supply potential

M.Sc. Marc Baranski 12:30 / E.ON ERC 00.18 / 00.19
Weiyue Rong 30.10.2019 Scaling method for data-driven fault detection and interpretation of the operation of building energy systems based on expert knowledge M.Sc. Erik Brümmendorf 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.21
Belén Llopis Mengual 30.10.2019 Detection of the topology of complex energy systems using Supervised Learning from the field of Artificial Intelligence M.Sc. Florian Stinner 11:30 / E.ON ERC 00.18 / 00.19
Pascal Weber 18.10.2019

Investigation of the start-up and decay behaviour of turbulent free jets using CFD simulation

B.Sc. Tim Röder 16:00 / E.ON ERC 00.18
Martin Wiecek 11.10.2019 Computer Vision based detection of objects and topological relations of complex energy systems M.Sc. Florian Stinner 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Célia Burghardt 07.10.2019 Evaluation of a district heating and cooling system using a LowEx-thermal network in combination with heat pumps B.Sc. Tobias Blacha, Michael Mans 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Kevin Kanghua Zhang 07.10.2019

Numerical investigation of entrainment properties of multi jet applications using scale adaptive turbulence models

B.Sc. Max Rohn 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.27
Christian Schwenzer 27.09.2019 Evaluation of the isentropic and volumetric efficiency of different compressor types for refrigerant circuits B.Sc. Christian Vering 17:30 / E.ON ERC 00.18
Richard Roth 27.09.2019 Analysis and evaluation of string distance algorithms for the meta data analysis in complex energy systems B.Sc. Florian Stinner 16:30 / E.ON ERC 00.18
Harmanvir Singh 18.09.2019

Development of machine learning based forecasting methods for grid state estimation.

B.Sc. Sarah Henn / Gonca Gürses-Tran 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.19

Laura Burgaud


Development of a generic data-driven tool for optimization and fault detection of Combined Heat and Power Units

M.Sc. Gerrit Bode 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Omar Daouk

16.09.2019 Optimal retrofitting of residential buildings accounting for LCA and time variant factors M.Sc. Sarah Henn 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Yuchen Jia


Automized commissioning and functioning tests for building automation systems

M.Sc. Markus Schraven 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Tobias Gülker 12.09.2019 Modeling and implementation of moisture recovery systems in a planning tool for the energetic and economic evaluation of air handling units M.Sc. Martin Kremer 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Pascal Stammer 12.09.2019

Study of unsupervised machine learning algorithms for topology detection on complex building energy systems

B.Sc. Florian Stinner 13:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Lisa Karber 20.08.2019

Investigation and comparison of different modelich approaches for thermal networks

M.Sc. Michael Mans 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Justus Voigt 16.08.2019

Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bench for Model Based Evaluation of Thermal Comfort in an Electric Vehicle

M.Sc. Paul Seiwert 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Daniel Schmitz


Evaluation of hydraulic circuits for the supply of Hardware-in-the-Loop tests

B.Sc. Christian Vering 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Kristina Kipka 29.07.2019

Analysis of the potential of industrial waste heat for utilization of heating for buildings

M.Sc. Peter Remmen, Rita Streblow 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Juliane Vosdellen


Analysis of the self-similarity of pulsating jets in existing applications using simplified LES methods

B.Sc. Tim Röder 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Maria Ana Santos Silva de Monney Paiva

12.07.2019 Possible Impacts on the Performance of Facade-Integrated PV - on the Example of Plug-N-Harvest with the use of Modelica M.Sc. Verena Dannapfel, Tanja Osterhage, Tobias Beckhölter 10:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Robert Plümpe 12.07.2019 Intelligent modelling of connected data structures for energy systems B.Sc. Thomas Storek, Florain Stinner 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Peer Permien

12.07.2019 Implementing and generation of a comparative study of two hybrid heat pumps M.Sc. Markus Nürenberg 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Steffen Wiegmann 12.07.2019 Integration of dynamic boundary conditions in the design process of heat pump systems M.Sc. Christian Vering 11:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Vincent Evenschor


Classification of time series data of building automation systems based on machine learning

B.Sc. Florian Stinner 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27

Jonas Baumgärtner


Determination of optimized building energy systems for the German residential building stock with special consideration of ventilation losses

B.Sc. Sebastian Remy 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.27

Julian Lanz


Development of an agent-based operational optimization for building energy systems

M.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.27

Maurice Wald


Integration of Protocol Interoprability and Data Point Labelling into a Smart Readiness Indicator to Assess the Technology Capability of Buildings

B.Sc. Florian Stinner 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Moritz Braun


Sensitivity Analysis of Building Archetypes

B.Sc. Peter Remmen 15:00 / BSZ IG MN15/16
Hannah Krützfeld 17.05.2019 Optimal design of heat pump systems in consideration of the operational strategy M.Sc. Christian Vering 16:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Lukas Kivilip 09.05.2019 Optimal design and operation of bidirectional low temperature networks M.Sc. Marco Wirtz 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Lukas Schulte


Model implementation and simulation of a multi-family house of different levels of detail for evaluation in hardware-in-the-loop experiments

M. Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 12:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Robin Kurth


Implementation of an single room heating control for heatpumps

B.Sc. Markus Nürenberg 17:30 / E. ON ERC 00.23
Joel Schölzel 11.04.2019

Development of a methodology for the systemic evaluation of urban energy systems

B.Sc. Sarah Henn 17:00 / E. ON ERC 00.23
Yicong Pang


Development of a general user profile generator based on existing tools and algorithms M. Sc. Felix Nienaber 11:30 / E. ON ERC 00.27
Jiao Guo 26.03.2019 Design and implementation of automatic blind control at the E.ON ERC main building M. Sc Felix Nienaber 11:00 / E. ON ERC 00.27

Julian Matthes


Development of modular simulation models for Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP)

B.Sc. Thomas Storek / David Jansen 15:30 / E.ON ERC

Philipp Reher

25.02.2019 Simulation Study on Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems using Heat Pumps in Existing Apartment Buildings with Dymola/Modelica M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 14:45 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Ken Joo Yeap

25.02.2019 Applying data driven cloud computing methods to optimize control of buildings with big thermal inertia. M.Sc. Erik Brümmendorf 14:15 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Leonard Schulte 25.02.2019 Simulation oriented evaluation of hardware-in-the-loop experiments in terms of user comfort B.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 13:45 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Bijan Seyed Sadjjadi


Thermal loss modeling of a compressor in dynamic simulations for refrigerant cycles

B.Sc. Christian Vering 08:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Sebastian Trunk


Economic evaluation of plant engineering for heating, cooling and ventilation systems at Forschungszentrum Jülich

B.Sc. Michael Mans 16:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Thomas Remmel


Modeling and optimization of landlord-to-tenant electricity supply concepts in apartment buildings

M.Sc. Amely Gundlach 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Felix Görg

18.01.2019 Development and commissioning of a heat pump controller for sophisticated control strategies M.Sc. Markus Nuerenberg 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Christian Sauren


Lifecycle efficiency analysis of heat supply systems in the building stock enabled by the Digital Twin concept

M.Sc. Christian Vering 14:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Kevin-Jan Groß


Cost distribution in building automation systems

B.Sc. Markus Schraven 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Sven Hinrichs


Automated documentation of complex simulation models using the example of an expansion valve model for refrigerant circuits

B.Sc. Christian Vering 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Julian Schaefer

18.12.2018 Calibration of dynamic building models under uncertainty using machine learning M.Sc. Peter Remmen 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Tim Bartikowski


Development of a model-based, programmable logic controller concept for a heat pump hardware-in-the-loop test rig

M.Sc. Markus Nürenberg 13:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Yingying Yang

06.12.2018 Generation of Modelica Simulation Models from Ontology-based Building System Models M.Sc. Florian Stinner 16:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Onur Kaygisiz


Development of a simulation model of an air-conditioning system of a train based on the Siemens Mireo

M.Sc. Tim Roeder 15:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Johanna Wilkens


Fault Modelling for Components of Air Handling Units

M.Sc. Gerrit Bode 15:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23
Asad Esmailzadeh 26.11.2018 Automated calibration of simulation models for energy systems supported by machine learning M.Sc. Thomas Storek 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.18

Fabian Wüllhorst


Implementation of a grey-box heat pump model in Modelica with focus on safety-related control strategies

B.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 10:00 / E.ON ERC 00.18

Robin Donat


Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation in Germany on the Basis of Selected Scenarios for the Year 2050

M.Sc. Tanja Osterhage 17:00 / E.ON ERC 00.20 / 00.21
Paul-Werner Neißer-Deiters 21.11.2018 Generating Standardized Identifiers from Metadata of Technical Building Equipment by Machine Learning B.Sc. Florian Stinner 16:30 / E.ON ERC 00.20 / 00.21

Laurin Oberkirsch


Development of modular simulation models to support real-time operation optimization of energy systems

M.Sc. Thomas Storek 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Loraine Hesse


Development of a Combined Contracting Model and Investigation of Feasibility

M.Sc. Amely Gundlach 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Patric Stefaniak


Environmental assessment of compression heat pumps investigating the impact of refrigerants

M.Sc. Christian Vering 10:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Laura Maier


Integration der Struktur von Heizenergiesystemen in das Auslegungsverfahren von Luft-zu-Wasser-Wärmepumpen für den Gebäudebestand

M.Sc. Christian Vering 14:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Marwin Spelter


Simulation-based evaluation of control strategies using the example of the energy supply system of the experimental hall E.ON

M.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 13:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Katharina Brinkmann

09.11.2018 Integration of operational characteristics into the design process of air-to-water heat pumps M.Sc. Christian Vering 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Abdul Masalkhi


Development of a test laboratory for dynamic investigations of heat pump heating systems with flammable refrigerants

B.Sc. Christian Vering 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Felix Stegemerten


Development of an automatic calibrator to determine the physical parameters for modular models of hydraulic systems

B.Sc Alexander Kümpel 10:00 / E.ON ERC 00.23

Lukas Schmitt

12.10.2018 Thermographic detection of energetic and comfort-relevant parameters for controlling indoor climate M.Sc. Paul Seiwert 12:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Bastian Gauch

12.10.2018 Developing a simulation-based benchmarking for room climate control strategies B.Sc. Alexander Kümpel 11:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Javier Perez Vera


Development of a calculation model for the generation of electrical load profiles for non-residential buildings

B.Sc. Jan Richarz 11:00 / E.ON ERC 00.24
Simon Thul 12.10.2018

Application of automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis at E.ON ERC's Main Building Heat Pump

M.Sc. Gerrit Bode 10:30 / E.ON ERC 00.24

Emilie Duval


Optimum design and operation of air handling units M.Sc. Marc Baranski 10:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Paul Kessler

05.10.2018 Development of an assessment model for DSOs to determine the technical and economic potential of local energy systems M.Sc. Thomas Schütz 10:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23
Nadja Roeser 17.09.2018

Development of a method for dynamic data exchange in agent-based optimal control of building energy systems

B.Sc. Marc Baranski

15:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Lin Yan 07.09.2018 Modelling of Different Domestic Hot Water System Concepts in Multi-Family-Dwellings using Heat Pumps M.Sc. Moritz Lauster 11:00 am / E.ON ERC 00.23
Yi Chang 07.09.2018 Influence of the Control on Energy Consumption and Life Cycle Costing of Air Handling Units M.Sc. Jens Teichmann 10:30 am / E.ON ERC 00.23

Gregor Gorbach


Operation planning of a decentralized battery storage system through the comparative use of classic optimization and artificial intelligence

M.Sc. Gerrit Bode 4 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Thorben Appels


Optimal design of energy conversion systems for research campuses with application for the Forschungszentrum Jülich

M.Sc. Thomas Schütz 11:00 am / E.ON ERC 00.23

Lukas Raßpe-Lange


Application of unsupervised machine learning techniques for topology detection in complex energy systems

B.Sc. Florian Stinner 10:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Yavuz Ok


Potentials for optimizing the quality assurance of air conditioning systems from the planning process to commissioning

M.Sc. Peter Matthes / M. Eng. Dipl.-Ing Joachim Hegewald (C+P) 5 pm / E.ON ERC 00.18/00.19

Friederike Dickel


Development of scalable heat exchanger simulation models for the evaluation of low GWP refrigerants in compression heat pumps

M.Sc. Christian Vering 4:30 pm Uhr / E.ON ERC 00.18/00.19

Marius Schmitz

13.06.2018 Analysis on the influence of different energy load shifting implementations using heat pumps on the autarky of residential solar-based energy management systems M.Sc. Markus Nürenberg 4 pm Uhr / E.ON ERC 00.18/00.19

Ole Bruns


Optimal synthesis of distributed energy systems considering power and heating networks and analysis of decomposition methods

M.Sc. Markus Nürenberg, Christian Vering 11:30 am / E.ON ERC 00.23
Christian Behm 23.02.2018

Simulation-based design of a method for structured control development using the example of an air handling unit

M.Sc. Alexander Kümpel, Thomas Schild 11 am / E.ON ERC 00.23

Steffen Hombach

23.02.2018 Optimal synthesis of distributed energy systems considering power and heating networks and analysis of decomposition methods M.Sc. Thomas Schütz 10:30 am / E.ON ERC 00.23

Robin Kunze-Feltgen


Assessment of building energy systems in energy systems with a high share of renewable energies

B.Sc. Sebastian Stinner, Sarah Henn 3 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Matthias Mersch


Design and Implementation of a Programmable Logic Controller for Heat Pump Heating Systems and Development of a Test Bench to Evaluate Different Control Strategies


Christian Vering

Markus Nuerenberg

14:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Greta Kolb


Model-based test stand design for the evaluation of non-halogenated refrigerants in compression heat pumps


Christian Vering

2 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Martin Theodor Kremer

02.02.2018 Investigation on run around coil systems concerning their energetic and economic potential of improvement M.Sc. Jens Teichmann 2 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Daniel Lühn


Development of software for the provision of individual energy reports in non-residential buildings

M.Sc. Gerrit Bode 3 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23
Johannes Steinbüchel 26.01.2018

Automated generation of hydraulically balanced heat distribution systems for building performance simulations in Modelica

M.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 2 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23
Shengjuan Wang 26.01.2018 Development of an holistic, data-based Occupants’ behavioral model for realistic prediction of the energy consumption of buildings M.Sc. Davide Calì, Jan Schiefelbein 14:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Thomas Schramm


Simulation of complex building energy systems to determine extended boundary conditions for hardware-in-the-loop-experiments

B.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 10 am / E.ON ERC 00.23

Mirko Engelpracht

12.01.2018 Development of modular and scalable simulation models for heat pumps and chillers considering various refrigerants M.Sc. Thomas Storek, Christian Vering 10:30 am / E.ON ERC 00.23
Larissa Kühn 12.01.2018

Integration of Building Simulation Models in a Cloud-Framework for Energy Services

B.Sc. Jan Schiefelbein 11 am / E.ON ERC 00.23
Hardy Lottermann 21.12.2017 Integration of cooling supplies in the design of urban energy systems with genetic algorithms - Exemplary application for Jülich Research Center B.Sc. Michael Mans 3 pm / E.ON ERC 00.20/21

Christian Tjorben Wenzel

21.12.2017 Creation of a technology overview, a market report and a component supplier overview for hybrid heat pump systems B.Sc. Philipp Mehrfeld 3:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.20/21

Lukas Wintgens


Development and validation of a CFD model for room air flow analysis in the Aachen Comfort Cube (ACCu)

M.Sc. Kai Rewitz 4 pm / E.ON ERC 00.20/21
Axel Sonnen 08.12.2017

Conceptual design of new volume flow controller for ventilation systems by CFD simulation and experiment

B.Sc. Paul Mathis 2 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Zun Wang


Simulation and optimization of energy efficient operation of the air-conditioning system in Uniklinik RWTH Aachen

M.Sc. Amir Pasha Javadi 3 pm / E.ON ERC 00.23

Alexander Miehlich


Studies on the repeatability of hardware-in-the-loop experiments

M.Sc. Markus Nürenberg 2:30 pm / E.ON ERC 00.26/00.27

Julius Unrath


Comparison between an integral planning tool to model and optimize the energy system of city districts and a standardized and experience-based approach

M.Sc. Jan Schiefelbein 2 pm / E.ON ERC 00.26/00.27
Lukas Thomas 24.11.17 Evaluation of the influence of the heat transfer coefficient of a HVAC-System-housing on the annual energy balance of a HVAC-System B.Sc. Paul Mathis / Boris Wollscheid 9 am / E.ON ERC 00.23

Chen Yu


Analysis and optimization of the Life-Cycle-Costing of various hydraulic supply variants of HVAC systems

M.Sc. Jens Teichmann 11:30 am / E.ON ERC 00.26 / 00.27

Leo Paulis Klie

10.11.17 Analysis of captial and operational expenditure of wind turbines and photovoltaic systems concidering local cost dependencies B.Sc. Daniela Hegemann 9 am / E.ON ERC 00.23
Jennifer Honert 03.11.17

Decentralized supply of buildings with heating and cooling energy in an urban district

M.Sc. Peter Remmen 10:30 am / E.ON ERC 00.26 / 00.27

Dominik Hering

03.11.17 Optimization of the dimensioning of grid-connected heating systems M.Sc. Markus Schumacher 11 am / E.ON ERC 00.26 / 27



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