Completed Theses


Completed Master's theses

Title submitted by supervised by recieved language
Modelling of a detailed underfloor heating system for thermal building simulations with Modelica Elaine Schmitt

Stephan Göbel

Philipp Mehrfeld

Jan 2021 ger.
Development of PV electricity marketing strategies for non-residential buildings

Tobias Otto

Laura Maier Jan 2021 ger.

Framework development for exchangeable models for transient building and plant simulations in the field of building energy systems

Siegfried Lasaros Suthau Philipp Mehrfeld Jan 2021 ger.

Development of a Procedure for Thermographic Reconstruction of Indoor Spaces through Sensor Fusion of a Thermal Imaging Detector and a Depth Sensor

Elfi Fertl

Paul Seiwert Guarnieri Calo' Carducci

Jan 2021 en.

Implementation and analysis of distributed model predictive control algorithms for the control of complex building energy systems

Steffen Eser Phillip Stoffel Jan 2021 en.

Dynamic modeling and simulation of a shallow ground source heat exchanger using Modelica

Mengting Yang

Michael Mans Dec 2020 ger.

Development and application of a game theoretical approach for the operational optimization of district energy systems

Timo Wenzel

Sarah Henn Dec 2020 ger.
Development and Implementation of a District Energy Management System

Leonard Schulte

Sarah Henn Dec 2020 ger.

Design and calibration of a transient building and energy system model for integration into a Software framework for model predictive control

Fabian Mühlpfordt

Philipp Mehrfeld Dec 2020 ger.

Model-based analysis of design methods for heat pump processes

Cornelia Klüter Christian Vering Dec 2020 ger.
Development of systematic methods for modelling and calibration of Digital Twins for sustainable supply systems

Sebastian Borges

Christian Vering

Hannah Krützfeld

Dec 2020 ger.

Treatment of Uncertainties in Model and Disturbance Variables in the Model Predictive Control of Energy Systems

Malte Teuchert

Phillip Stoffel Dec 2020 ger.

Multiobjective optimization for existing building retrofit schedules using a genetic algorithm

Stephan Wegewitz

Jan Richarz Dec 2020 ger.

Comparison of modular modeling approaches for the operational optimization of building energy systems.

Marius Meyer

Alexander Kümpel Nov 2020 ger.

Development of a modular refrigeration circuit to classify the performance of low-GWP refrigerants

Tim Klebig

Christian Vering Nov 2020 ger.

Modification and commissioning of an existing air/water compression heat pump for experimental investigation of low GWP next generation refrigerants

Sebastian Wingen Valerius Venzik Nov 2020 ger.

Validation of a building model of the AixLib library for transient building performance simulations in Modelica

Konstantina Xanthopoulou

Philipp Mehrfeld Nov 2020 en.
Development of a cloud controlled building automation and comparison with the current state of the art Kai Droste Markus Schraven Nov 2020 ger.
Simulation-based development of mode-based control algorithms applied to an adaptive cooling network

Xiao Zhang

Xiaoye Cai Nov 2020 en.
Experimental and simulative investigation on the performance and control of membrane-based enthalpy exchanger

Baoying Han

Martin Kremer Nov 2020 en.
Analysis of the parameters for fault models in building energy systems

Min Mou

Gerrit Bode Nov 2020 en.
Operation optimization of grid-connected PV-battery systems within non-residential buildings using model predictive control

Larissa Kühn

Laura Maier Nov 2020 ger.

Exergy analysis of an air-water heat pump using cloud-based real-time analysis on a hardware-in-the-loop test bench

Moritz Mohr

Stephan Göbel

Valerius Venzik

Nov 2020 ger.
A method for automated modeling of mode-based control algorithms with fuzzy logic

Yi Ding

Xiaoye Cai Nov 2020 en.

Simulation and characterisation of thermoelectric heating systems for the private building sector

Bijan Viktor Seyed Sadjjadi

Paul Mathis Nov 2020 ger.
Process Intensification of heat pump systems: Robust, superstructure-based optimization of design and operation

Fabian Wüllhorst

Christian Vering Nov 2020 ger.

Influence of time-series aggregation methods on the synthesis of building energy systems

Antonio Carneiro

Sarah Henn Oct 2020 en.

Development of an optimization-based operating strategy for the realization of saving potentials through dual-use battery systems

Gregor Keßler

Sarah Henn Oct 2020 ger.

Simultaneous design and operation optimization of buildings under consideration of the building mass as flexible thermal storage

Benno Boeser

Sarah Henn Oct 2020 ger.

Evaluation of training methods for fault detection algorithms with simulation data on an air handling unit

Friederike Luise Köhn

Gerrit Bode Oct 2020 en.

Automated Data-driven Modeling for the Operation Optimization of Building Energy Systems

Xinyun Zhang

Thomas Storek

Thomas Bruno Schreiber

Oct 2020 en.
Evaluation of control strategies for simulation-based optimal design of heat pump systems

Hilal Kol

Christian Vering Oct 2020 ger.

Selection of algorithms for efficiency increase in smart buildings

Jiaqi Zhang

Gerrit Bode Sep 2020 en.
Development of a model library for the optimization of cross-sectoral energy supply systems

Wenbo Zhang

Marco Wirtz

Kuangye Gong (ABB)

Sep 2020 en.

Assessment of living lab concepts for investigation of innovative heat pump systems in complex experiments

Ben Scheitler

Christian Vering Sep 2020 ger.

Prototype development of a facade-integrated heat pump with special focus on the flow characteristics of the heat exchanger

Kevin Wantz

Sebastian Remy Aug 2020 ger.

Investigation of machine learning methods for the creation of models used in the control of energy systems

Dmitry Oleynikov

Thomas Bruno Schreiber

Alexander Kümpel

Aug 2020 en.

Conceptual design and realisation of a facade-integrated heat pump

Jan Mittag

Sebastian Remy Aug 2020 ger.

Simulative efficiency evaluation of DC-coupled, flexible building energy storage systems considering operation dynamics.​

Maximilian Fein

Sarah Henn Aug 2020 ger.

Development and analysis of various system configurations of bidirectional low-temperature networks for urban districts

Greta Kolb

Tobias Blacha Aug 2020 ger.

Measurement and analysis of the influence of plant wall systems on indoor climate control

Janine Bardey Marc Baranski Aug 2020 en.

Development and Implementation of an Alternative Model for the Representation of the Soil in the Thermal Network Simulation of 5GDHC-systems

Guillermo Pezet Michael Mans Jul 2020 ger.

Integration of a cloud-based energy management system in a mode based control algorithm of a building system

Sebastian Eibel

Thomas Bruno Schreiber

Laura Maier

Jul 2020 en.

Application of Time Series Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Topology Detection in Building Automation Systems

Paul-Werner Neißer-Deiters

Florian Stinner Jul 2020 ger.

Automated Rule Extraction for Automata-Based Model Predictive Control of Thermal Energy Systems

Frodo Peiffer

Thomas Storek

Jul 2020 ger.
Optimization of the energy system of existing non-residential buildings using genetic algorithms Max Spanier Jan Richarz Jul 2020 ger.
Operation Optimisation of a Commercial All-Electric Building by means of Economic Model Predictive Control Marius Schönegge

Laura Maier

Sarah Henn

Jul 2020 ger.
Optimal Design and Operation of 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks Based on Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization Lisa Neumaier
Marco Wirtz May 2020 eng.
Integrated optimization of electricity and gas transmission networks for integration of renewable gases by power-to-gas Sebastian Bereda

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alber Moser

Marco Wirtz

Lukas Löhr

Apr 2020 ger.
Influence of prior information on the bayesian calibration of archetype building models Stanley Risch Peter Remmen Apr 2020 ger.
Simulation-based analysis of different heat supply scenarios of buildings with integration of waste heat into low-temperature district heating Jan Stock Dominik Hering Apr 2020 ger.
Simulation-based analysis of different control strategies considering sanitation and energy demand for domestic hot water supply Sascha Dünnebier

Katharina Breuer

Stephanie Kaschewski

Apr 2020 eng.
Development of an energy-based optimization model for the generation of ecological and economical modernization strategies for non-residential buildings Phillip Eller Jan Richarz Apr 2020 ger.

Simulation-based development of mode-based control algorithms applied to a cooling supply system

Yadi Wang

Xiaoye Cai February 2020 en.
Automatic time-series clustering for thermal energy systems

Daseul Jeong

Thomas Storek

David Wackerbauer

February 2020 en.

Mode-based control algorithms with fuzzy logic applied to a cooling system

Yue Cen Xiaoye Cai February 2020 en.
Development of a simualiton-based optimization approach for the integration of renewable energies in bidirectional low-temperature networks Hardy Lottermann Tobias Blacha February 2020 ger.
Application of methods from the field of reinforcement learning for optimal control of an adaptive refrigeration supply system Sören Eschweiler Thomas Bruno Schreiber February 2020 ger.

Framework development for modular building and HVAC simulations to perform sensitivity analysis and for providing representative time periods

Helena Halsbenning Philipp Mehrfeld January 2020 ger.
Automated transformation of technical systems into digital twins by application of artificial intelligence

Felix Rehmann

Thomas Storek

Florian Stinner

January 2020 en.
Development and practical use of a cloud-based big data solution for the analysis of complex energy systems and automated action derivation

Sherifa Fayed

Erik Brümmendorf December 2019 en.

Development of a Virtual Test Environment for the Control of Thermal Networks

Chen Ziyuan

Michael Mans December 2019 ger.

Creation and application of a framework for implementing model predictive controller in building energy systems

Mahmoud Elhawi

Philipp Mehrfeld December 2019 en.

Dynamic cooling load estimation using tuned recurrent neural networks with long short-term memory units

Yiting Yang

Thomas Bruno Schreiber December 2019 en.

Software interface for systematic data transfer by means of Building Information Modeling (BIM) datamodels for simulation applications

Lukas Thomas

Paul Mathis

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Kaup

November 2019 ger.

Model predictive control of a geothermal field for the cost-optimal use of its heating and cooling supply potential

Martin Stiller

Marc Baranski October 2019 ger.

Scaling method for data-driven fault detection and interpretation of the operation of building energy systems based on expert knowledge

Weiyue Rong

Erik Brümmendorf October 2019 eng.
Detection of the topology of complex energy systems using Supervised Learning from the field of Artificial Intelligence

Belén Llopis Mengual

Florian Stinner October 2019 ger.
Computer Vision based detection of objects and topological relations of complex energy systems

Martin Wiecek

Florian Stinner October 2019 ger.

Development of a generic data-driven tool for optimization and fault detection of Combined Heat and Power Units

Laura Burgaud

Erik Brümmendorf

Gerrit Bode

September 2019 eng.
Optimal retrofitting of residential buildings accounting for LCA and time variant factors

Omar Daouk

Sarah Henn September 2019 ger.

Automized commissioning and functioning tests for building automation systems

Yuchen Jia

Markus Schraven September 2019 eng.

Modeling and implementation of moisture recovery systems in a planning tool for the energetic and economic evaluation of air handling units

Tobias Gülker

Martin Kremer September 2019 ger.

Investigation and comparison of different modelich approaches for thermal networks

Lisa Karber

Michael Mans August 2019 ger.

Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bench for Model Based Evaluation of Thermal Comfort in an Electric Vehicl

Justus Voigt

Paul Seiwert August 2019 ger.

Analysis of the potential of industrial waste heat for utilization of heating for buildings

Kristina Kipka

Peter Remmen July 2019 ger.

Integration of dynamic boundary conditions in the design process of heat pump systems

Steffen Wiegmann

Christian Vering July 2019 ger.
Implementing and generation of a comparative study of two hybrid heat pumps

Peer Permien

Markus Nürenberg July 2019 ger.
Development of an agent-based operational optimization for building energy systems

Julian Lanz

Alexander Kümpel July 2019 ger.
Optimal design of heat pump systems in consideration of the operational strategy Hannah Krützfeld Christian Vering May 2019 ger.

Optimal design and operation of bidirectional low temperature networks

Lukas Kivilip

Marco Wirtz May 2019 ger.

Model implementation and simulation of a multi-family house of different levels of detail for evaluation in hardware-in-the-loop experiments

Lukas Schulte

Philipp Mehrfeld Apr. 2019 ger.

Design and implementation of automatic blind control at the E.ON ERC main building

Jiao Guo

Felix Nienaber March 2019 en.

Development of a general user profile generator based on existing tools and algorithms

Yicong Pang

Felix Nienaber March 2019 en.

Applying data driven cloud computing methods to optimize control of buildings with big thermal inertia

Ken Joo Yeap

Erik Brümmendorf February 2019 en.
Simulation Study on Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems using Heat Pumps in Existing Apartment Buildings with Dymola/Modelica

Philipp Reher

Philipp Mehrfeld February 2019 ger.

Modeling and optimization of landlord-to-tenant electricity supply concepts in apartment buildings

Thomas Remmel

Amely Gundlach February 2019 ger.

Development and commissioning of a heat pump controller for sophisticated control strategies

Felix Görg

Markus Nürenberg January 2019 ger.

Lifecycle efficiency analysis of heat supply systems in the building stock enabled by the Digital Twin concept

Christian Sauren

Christian Vering January 2019 ger.
Calibration of dynamic building models under uncertainty using machine learning

Julian Schaefer

Peter Remmen December 2018 ger.
Development of a model-based, programmable logic controller concept for a heat pump hardware-in-the-loop test rig

Tim Bartikowski

Markus Nürenberg December 2018 ger.

Generation of Modelica Simulation Models from Ontology-based Building System Models

Yingying Yang

Florian Stinner December 2018 en.

Development of a simulation model of an air-conditioning system of a train based on the Siemens Mireo

Onur Kaygisiz

Tim Roeder December 2018 ger.

Fault Modelling for Components of Air Handling Units

Johanna Wilkens

Gerrit Bode December 2018 ger.
Automated calibration of simulation models for energy systems supported by machine learning

Asad Esmailzadeh

Thomas Storek November 2018 ger.
Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation in Germany on the Basis of Selected Scenarios for the Year 2050 Robin Donat Tanja Osterhage November 2018 ger.
Development of a Combined Contracting Model and Investigation of Feasibility Loraine Hesse Amely Gundlach November 2018 ger.

Development of modular simulation models to support real-time operation optimization of energy systems

Laurin Oberkirsch Thomas Storek November 2018 ger.

Environmental assessment of compression heat pumps investigating the impact of refrigerants

Patric Stefaniak

Christian Vering November 2018 ger.

Integration of heating energy system structures into the design process of air-to-water heat pumps for the building stock

Laura Maier Christian Vering November 2018 ger.

Simulation-based evaluation of control strategies using the example of the energy supply system of the experimental hall E.ON

Marwin Spelter

Alexander Kümpel November 2018 ger.

Integration of operational characteristics into the design process of air-to-water heat pumps

Katharina Brinkmann

Christian Vering November 2018 ger.

Thermographic detection of energetic and comfort-relevant parameters for controlling indoor climate

Lukas Schmitt Paul Seiwert October 2018 ger.

Application of automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis at E.ON ERC's Main Building Heat Pump

Simon Thul Gerrit Bode October 2018 ger.

Development of an assessment model for DSOs to determine the technical and economic potential of local energy systems

Paul Kessler

Thomas Schütz October 2018 eng.
Optimum design and operation of air handling units

Emilie Duval

Jens Teichmann October 2018 eng.

Influence of the Control on Energy Consumption and Life Cycle Costing of Air Handling Units

Yi Chang Jens Teichmann September 2018 eng.
Modelling of Different Domestic Hot Water System Concepts in Multi-Family-Dwellings using Heat Pumps Lin Yan Moritz Lauster September 2018 ger.

Analysis on the influence of different energy load shifting implementations using heat pumps on the autarky of residential solar-based energy management systems

Marius Schmitz

Markus Nürenberg June 2018 ger.

Potentials for optimizing the quality assurance of air conditioning systems from the planning process to commissioning

Yavuz Ok

Peter Matthes,

M. Eng. Dipl.-Ing Joachim Hegewald (C+P)

June 2018 ger.
Development of scalable heat exchanger simulation models for the evaluation of low GWP refrigerants in compression heat pumps

Friederike Dickel

Christian Vering June 2018 ger.

Two-level optimization for the design and operation of district heating networks with distributed energy systems

Jan Mertens

Thomas Schütz June 2018 ger.

Development and implementation of a cloud-based energy management system for optimized scheduling of building energy systems in city districts

Steffen Kaminski

Jan Schiefelbein May 2018 en.
A time series clustering approach for Building Automation and Control Systems

Thomas Schreiber

Gerrit Bode May 2018 ger.

Evaluation of a low temperature district heating system in a city quarter considering dynamic boundary conditions

Vivien Lengyel

Sarah Henn

Dr.-Ing. Marius Maximini

Apr. 2018 ger.

Modelling of a HiL test bed for simulative operations with a virtual PLC

Arno Eggert

Markus Nürenberg Apr. 2018 ger.

Analysis, evaluation and improvement of the planning process in technical building services

Mahmud Rashid Jens Teichmann Apr. 2018 ger.
Comparison of simulation models with varying levels of detail and development of a cloud computing approach for investigation of complex building energy systems with a hardware-in-the-loop heat pump test bench

David Jansen

Markus Nürenberg Apr. 2018 ger.
Identification of building systems and operation characteristics from building energy data

David Wackerbauer

Peter Remmen Apr. 2018 ger.

Simulation of the influence of frosting and defrosting on the flow properties and the thermodynamic behavior of a fin heat exchanger of an air-water heat pump

Michael Sietmann

Paul Mathis Apr. 2018 ger.
Generalization and Extension of a Simulation Model of an Air Handling Unit

Jiewei Liu

Konstantin Finkbeiner Apr. 2018 ger.

Draft and Modelling of a Heat-Pump Plant for Dual Use in District Heating and District Cooling

Patrick Moes

Marcus Fuchs Mar. 2018 ger.

Automated Data Driven Modeling of Building Energy Systems via Machine Learning Algorithms

Martin Rätz

Amir Pasha Javadi Mar. 2018 eng.

Development of a Prototype for Model Predictive Control of district heating grids

Tobias Beckhölter

Michael Mans Mar. 2018 ger.

Computer-aided development of dimensioning strategies for air-to-water heat pumps in the building stock

Moritz Jaeger

Christian Vering Mar. 2018 ger.

Investigation on run around coil systems concerning their energetic and economic potential of improvement

Martin Theodor Kremer

Jens Teichmann Feb. 2018 ger.
Development of an holistic, data-based Occupants’ behavioral model for realistic prediction of the energy consumption of buildings Shengjuan Wang Davide Calì, Jan Schiefelbein Jan. 2018 eng.
Automated generation of hydraulically balanced heat distribution systems for building performance simulations in Modelica Johannes Steinbüchel Philipp Mehrfeld Jan. 2018 ger.
Development of software for the provision of individual energy reports in non-residential buildings Daniel Lühn Gerrit Bode Jan. 2018 ger.
Development of modular and scalable simulation models for heat pumps and chillers considering various refrigerants

Mirko Engelpracht

Thomas Storek , Christian Vering Jan. 2018 ger.
Development and validation of a CFD model for room air flow analysis in the Aachen Comfort Cube (ACCu) Lukas Wintgens Kai Rewitz Dec. 2017 ger.
Simulation and optimization of energy efficient operation of the air-conditioning system in Uniklinik RWTH Aachen Zun Wang Amir Pasha Javadi Dec. 2017 eng.
Comparison between an integral planning tool to model and optimize the energy system of city districts and a standardized and experience-based approach Julius Unrath Jan Schiefelbein Dec. 2017 ger.
Studies on the repeatability of hardware-in-the-loop experiments Alexander Miehlich Markus Nürenberg Dec. 2017 ger.

Analysis and optimization of the Life-Cycle-Costing of various hydraulic supply variants of HVAC systems

Chen Yu Jens Teichmann Nov. 2017 ger.

Decentralized supply of buildings with heating and cooling energy in an urban district

Jennifer Honert

Peter Remmen Nov. 2017 ger.
Optimization of the dimensioning of grid-connected heating systems

Dominik Hering

Markus Schumacher Nov. 2017 eng.
An exergy-based model-assisted control strategy for district heating systems Farid Ahmadipour Davani Marc Baranski, Roozbeh Sangi Oct. 2017 eng.
Experimental investigation of airflow structures in a test bench with displacement ventilation Tobias Burgholz Mark Wesseling Oct. 2017 ger.
Development of dynamic compression heat pump models to evaluate promising refrigerants considering legal regulations Dennis Körner Christian Vering Oct. 2017 ger.
Development of a Method for the Evaluation of Control Strategies in Complex Energy Systems Christoph Hornig Florian Stinner, Marc Baranski Oct. 2017 ger.
Integration of Electric Vehicles within Multi-Objective Scheduling Based Residential Demand-Side Management Matti Sprengeler Hassan Harb Oct. 2017 ger.
Influence of modelling and parameterization on the dynamic simulation of large building stocks Marcus Vogt Peter Remmen Oct. 2017 ger.
Effects of Weather Uncertainties on the Evaluation of Building Energy Systems

Aykut Apaydin

Sebastian Stinner Sep. 2017 eng.

A hybrid data- and design-driven grey-box modeling approach for characterizing building thermal performance

Thomas Rosen

Hassan Harb Sep. 2017 eng.

Energetic and Economic Analysis of City Districts under uncertain parameters

Laura Esling

Jan Schiefelbein Sep. 2017 ger.

Development of a district energy management system to benefit from the aggregated avaiable operational flexibility of the involved blocks of energy units aiming for auto-consumption and cost minimization

Maximilian Mork

Amir Javadi Sep. 2017 ger.

Development of a scalable model predictive control algorithm for cooling cycles of large-scale battery storage systems

Marcus Lüdemann

Thomas Storek Aug. 2017 ger.

Mixed integer programming of urban energy systems for an improvement of political subsidy programs

Sebastian Remy Thomas Schütz Jul. 2017 ger.

Modeling, Optimization and Techno-Economic Analysis of a District Cooling System

Christoph Grüntgens

Thomas Schütz Jun. 2017 ger.

Analysis and implementation of operational flexibility of energy supply systems within non-residential buildings

Henning Wilms

Amir Javadi Jun. 2017 eng.

The use of household battery storage for the provision of primary control power. A techno-economic analysis.

Andjey Hartl

Thomas Schütz Jun. 2017 eng.

Assessment of Decomposition Approaches for scheduling Building Energy Systems within a City District

Lukas Körnich

Hassan Harb Jun. 2017 ger.

Development of Energetic, Ecological and Economical Performance Indicators for Multiple Buildings - Exemplary Application for ’Forschungszentrum Jülich’

Matthias Dietzen

Peter Remmen

Michael Mans

May 2017 ger.

Energy Efficiency of Ventilation Systems at RWTH Aachen University-Analysis, Assessment and Suggestions for Improvement

Anna Dorothea Schiffer

Moritz Lauster May 2017 eng.

Evalutation of an energy management system through hardware-in-the-loop integration

Jöran Hahn

Hassan Harb May 2017 eng.

Simulation-based investigation of bidirectional low temperature district heating and cooling networks and their control

Felix Bünning

Marcus Fuchs May 2017 eng.
Analysis of influencing factors on the residual electrical load in distribution grids

Peter Ullenboom

Markus Schumacher May 2017 ger.
CFD-Simulation af a novel Fan-Attenuator-Combination Frederik Stute

Abdul Azem

Paul Mathis

Apr. 2017 ger.

Extension of Thermal Storage Models for Energy System Simulations

Christian Grozescu

Sebastian Stinner Apr. 2017 ger.

Influences of thermal energy storages analyzed in the context of heat pump systems using hardware-in-the-loop experiments

Dario Bihn

Philipp Mehrfeld Apr. 2017 ger.

Optimal distribution and dimensioning of energy systems in city districts with genetic algorithms

Simon Wilbertz

Jan Schiefelbein Apr. 2017 ger.

Optimal design of energy supply systems for local neighbourhoods in consideration of passive building elements

Markus Schraven

Thomas Schütz Apr. 2017 ger.

Analysis of influencing factors on the residual electrical load in distribution grids

Peter Ullenboom Markus Schumacher Apr. 2017 ger.
Simulation of a novel fan-outflow body combination using CFF simulation Frederik Stute Abdul Azem Apr. 2017 ger.

Model-based energy analysis of shoppingcenters

Adrian Zowislo

Konstantin Finkbeiner Mar. 2017 ger.

Low carbon heating for a community of offices using heat pump and thermal storage approaches

Tanja Begemann

- Mar. 2017 eng.

Modelling of a generator for urban districts in pyCity

Jana Rudnick

Jan Schiefelbein Mar. 2017 ger.
Energetic and Economic Analysis of City Districts under Uncertainty Calogero Farruggio Jan Schiefelbein Mar. 2017 ger.

Analyse des dynamischen Verhaltens der thermischen Aktivierung von Raumumschließungsflächen in Abhängigkeit von deren Positionierung

Stefan Eckl

Henryk Wolisz Mar. 2017 ger.

Experimental investigation of the flexibility of the technical building system in the E.ON ERC main building

Sascha Behrendt Gerrit Bode Feb. 2017 ger.
Thermal heat supply scenarios for a changing building stock - Exemplary application for Jülich Research Centre using evolutionary algorithm Anna Scholl Peter Remmen Feb. 2017 ger.

Exergy-based Control of a Building Energy System using Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)

Alexander Kümpel Roozbeh Sangi Jan. 2017 ger.
Evaluation and development of optimization models for building energy systems based on dynamic simulations Markus Van Hünsel Hassan Harb Dec. 2016 ger.

Robust optimisation of thermal energy systems on city district scale

Luise Middelhauve Jan Schiefelbein Dec. 2016 eng.

Petri-net-based control of building energy compound systems

Björn Pauly Thomas Schild Dec. 2016 ger.
Experimental analysis of thermal comfort in buildings with dynamic heating operations Pascal Block Henryk Wolisz Dec. 2016 ger.
Optimization of city quarters concerning the grid service Ralf Növer Jan Schiefelbein Dec. 2016 eng.

Examination of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Spray Type Air Cooler Using Two-Phase Flow CFD Simulation

Hong Zhuang Martin Hoffmann Dec. 2016 ger.
Implementation of an exergy-based control strategy in a building automation system Juan Moreno

Marc Baranski

Roozbeh Sangi

Dec. 2016 eng.
Automated Model Generation for Model Predictive Exergy-Based Control of HVAC Systems Adrian Marx

Marc Baranski

Florian Stinner

Nov. 2016 eng.

Analysis of a non-adiabatic spray nozzle airwasher for supply air dehumidification in air handling units

Paul Seiwert Martin Hoffmann Nov. 2016 ger.

Examination of the German Energy Saving Ordinance under both economic and ecological aspects

David Volkmer Thomas Schütz Oct. 2016 ger.

Analysis and evaluation of primary energy saving requirements within green building programs

Zhaoyu Fu Sarah Henn Sep. 2016 ger.

Examination and Analysis of Membrane Based Enthalpy Exchangers in Air Conditioning

Jan Wilmes

Martin Hoffmann Aug. 2016 ger.

Integration of a complex thermal Model into a modelpredictive Control with respect to real-time Requirements

Michael Verunica

Thomas Schild

Thomas Storek

Aug. 2016 ger.
Optimal Design of Decentralized Energy Conversion Units for Smart Microgrids Xiaolin Hu Thomas Schütz Jul. 2016 eng.
Development and evaluation of integral planning approaches for city district energy system modeling and optimization Hendrik Berns Jan Schiefelbein Jul. 2016 ger.
Robust design, operation and uncertainty analysis of a MILP optimization for energy systems in a residential neighbourhood Tim Wolf Hassan Harb Jun. 2016 eng.

Development of an experimental environment and measurements for the evaluation of different defrosting methods for air chillers

Tobias Czarnecki Henning Freitag Jun. 2016 ger.
Evaluation of MILP EMS through HiL integration Jöran hahn Hassan Harb Apr. 2016 eng.
Modeling and thermodynamic Simulation of a Novel Heat Recovery Fan with focus on maximum temperature efficiency Tim Ebeling Abdul Azem Apr. 2016 eng.
Design of a DSM control algorithm for the
dynamic activation of structural thermal
Tuule Mall Kull Henryk Wolisz Mar. 2016 ger.
Application of von-Kármán-Vortex-Streets to influence the heat transfer in radiators considering different convector geometries Tobias Roth Paul Mathis Mar. 2016 ger.
Development and validation of heating and ventilationmodle-components for dynamic simulation of the energy demand from residental buildings Marco Bertinelli Davide Calí Mar. 2016 ger.

Analysis of the potential for grid-supportive behavior by heat pumps and CHP plants in city districts

Michael Sentis Sebastian Stinner Mar. 2016 ger.

Optimized Design of the Energy Supply System and the Building Envelope

Lutz Schiffer Thomas Schütz Dec. 2015 ger.
Design optimization of a district cooling supply Fabian Steeg Jens Teichmann Dec. 2015 ger.

Analysis and use of simulation models in the simulation of city districts

Mathias Linden Sebastian Stinner Dec. 2015 ger.

Determining an optimized distribution of thermal energy plants on district level using an optimization algorithm

Stefan Klask

Jan Schiefelbein Nov. 2015 ger.
Robust optimisation based energy management Lars Liedman Hassan Harb Nov. 2015 eng.
Simulation and Analysis of thermal short-term effects on district scale Christian Unger Moritz Lauster Sep. 2015 ger.

Energy and economical comparison of future scenarios for buildings and district heating grid of Campus Melaten

Michael Mans Moritz Lauster Sep. 2015 ger.

Assessment of cogeneration systems and heat pumps in energy systems with a high share of renewable energies

Miranda Thiele

Sebastian Stinner Sep. 2015 ger.
Development of a method for the dynamic evaluation of heat pump systems Hannes Engel Kristian Huchtemann Aug. 2015 eng.

Application of Kármán Vortex Streets in Convector Channels for Heat Transfer Enhancement

Florian Schulte Paul Mathis Aug. 2015 ger.

Analysis of the usage of electric powered supply systems for integration of renewable energy in smart buildings

Tobias Blacha Henryk Wolisz Aug. 2015 ger.
Development and commissioning of the measurement-, control- and data management functions for a hardware-in-the-loop test bench Markus Nürenberg Kan Chen May 2015 ger.

Energetic and economic analysis of energy supply systems of a city district under uncertainty

Daniel Orth Jan Schiefelbein Mar. 2015 ger.

Simulation-based uncertainty analysis of the energy supply of a city district

Fabian Kober Jan Schiefelbein Feb. 2015 ger.
Simulation and comparison of an energy system incorporating a heat pump with variations of heat source combinations and refrigerant cycle configurations. Christian Schumacher Kristian Huchtemann Feb. 2015 ger.

Development of a method for estimation of demand side management potential buildings connected to district heated systems

Neven Boyanov Hassan Harb Feb. 2015 eng.

Energy system distribution and planing on city district level with mixed integer optimization

Jonas Tesfaegzi Jan Schiefelbein Jan. 2015 ger.

Optimization of the operation of heat pump systems

Matthias Greinert Thomas Schütz Dec. 2014 ger.
Opportunities for the economically efficient integration of decentral energy conversion systems supplemented by thermal storages Gero Syrée Sebastian Stinner Dec. 2014 eng.

Analysis and development of thermal demand forecast models for residential buildings

Dawid Nickel Hassan Harb Dec. 2014 ger.

Dynamic Exergy-Based Optimization of a District Heating System

Alexander Thamm Roozbeh Sangi Dec. 2014 eng.
Expansion of a building-technological test bench by the use of agent-based components Sebastian Brust

Max Huber

Thomas Schütz

Nov. 2014 ger.
Coupled Analysis of a Layered Storage Ana de la Pena Thomas Schütz Nov. 2014 eng.

Opportunities for the economically efficient integration of decentral energy conversion systems supplemented by thermal storages

Gero Syree Sebastian Stinner Dez. 2014 eng.
Development of a control strategy of a hybrid combined heat and power-photovoltaic system for demand side management Katja Rieß Hassan Harb Nov. 2014 ger.
Time series analysis of heat demands on district scale Simon Steiner Moritz Lauster Nov. 2014 ger.
Development of simulation models for domestic hot water systems in the object oriented language Modelica Stephan Nolden

Davide Calí

Tanja Osterhage

Ana Constantin

Nov. 2014 ger.
Integration of renewable energies into the electricity grid using storage capacities of building energy systems Konstantin Finkbeiner Sebastian Stinner Nov. 2014 ger.
Decentralized coordination of distributed energy resources in an agent based microgrid Jan Niklas Paprott Hassan Harb Oct. 2014 eng.
Development of a Fuzzy-Controller for non-linear VAV-applications Claudius Bons Max Huber Oct. 2014 eng.
A Control Strategy for the Compensation of Intermittent Renewable Generation in Residential Areas With Interconnected Local Heating Networks and Electrical Grids Mark Baranski Hassan Harb Oct. 2014 eng.
Cost-Optimal Design of Decentralized Energy Conversion Units in a Combined Electrical and Thermal Grid Christian Schwager Hassan Harb Oct. 2014 eng.
Experimental Investigation of Air Handling Units in Laboratories Philipp Mehrfeld Moritz Lauster Oct. 2014 ger.
Design of an automated tool to optimize the control quality of typical control loops in building energy systems Philipp Kraus Johannes Fütterer Oct. 2014 eng.
Development of a floor-integrated HVAC-System for zonal supply of multifunctional buildings Anne Albert Henryk Wolisz Oct. 2014 ger.

Experimental analysis of the spatial drop distribution in humidifiers of air-conditioning systems

Thomas Horst Martin Hoffmann Sept. 2014 ger.
Design and modeling of a general control unit for a hybrid supply system implemented in a local district heating system Pang Han Amir Javadi Aug. 2014 ger.
Distributed model predictive control with application to building temperature regulation Shen Song Ana Constantin Aug. 2014 ger.
Development of a market-based Multi-Agent System for a distributed Smart Grid Frank Tilger Hassan Harb Aug. 2014 eng.
Investigation of the characteristics of a deflected radial turbulent free jet inside a channel geometry Thorsten Driemeier Henning Freitag Aug. 2014 ger.

Analysis of energy supply for research campuses using measurement data from RWTH Campus Melaten and Forschungszentrum Jülich

Stephan Schröder Jens Teichmann Jul. 2014 ger.
Dynamic simulation of the building stock and energy distribution system RWTH Aachen/Campus Melaten Ole Odendahl Moritz Lauster Jul. 2014 ger.
Evaluation of the Potential of Automotive Solar Roofs in Mexico and Germany in due Consideration of Economical and Ecological Aspects Using a Simulation Model Andreas Wurm Kai Rewitz Jun. 2014 eng.

Examination of future, more energy efficient buildings and their requirements on operational parameters and developed technology in local district heating grids with regard to primary energy use and economic efficiency

Jo Hadwiger Jens Teichmann May 2014 ger.
Optimal Selection and Placement of Distributed Energy Conversion Units within a Neighborhood Jan Reinhardt Hassan Harb May 2014 engl.

Development of a control strategy for energy conversion units in a heating network using a co-simulation platform

Sara Yagüe Cuesta Hassan Harb Mar. 2014 engl.
Scenarios for the turnaround in energy policy affecting potentials for Demand Side Management and intelligent control of building technology Carl Punkenburg Henryk Wolisz Apr. 2014 ger.
Investigation of Ventilation Effectiveness by a Self Developed Wireless CO2 Measurement System and Numerical Flow Simulations Julian Niebel Mark Wesseling Apr. 2014 ger.
Improvement of a physiological human model Carlos Domingos Rita Streblow Apr. 2014 engl.
Developement of a test facility for agent based control systems of buildings Markus Siethoff Max Huber May 2014 ger.
Testing and improving the EBC-Modelica-Library "Building" based on the ASHRAE Standard 140 Reza Tavakoli Ana Constantin Apr. 2014 ger.
Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of a building energy system Paula Martínez Martín Roozbeh Sangi Apr. 2014 engl.

Investigation of heat transfer in air-to-water heat exchangers for active and passive chilled beams

Friedrich Schlieter Henning Freitag Apr. 2014 ger.
Optimal integration of heating and PV systems within buildings for smart grid applications Lennart Böse Hassan Harb Mar. 2014 ger.

Analysis of the potential of waste heat recovery for a district heating system in the area of Bottrop - Welheimer Mark

Tobias Claus Jan Schiefelbein Jan. 2014 ger.

Validation of a simplified building model

Peter Remmen Moritz Lauster Jan. 2014 ger.

Experimental Investigation for mapping the dynamic behaviour of radiator and thermostatic valve

Marc Thelen Nina Kopmann Jan. 2014 ger.

Development of an agent-based solution for energy management

Thomas Schütz Hassan Harb Nov. 2013 engl.
Analysis of the potentials of generating compressed air from industrial waste heat by using Stirling engines Christoph Betz Jan Schiefelbein Oct. 2013 ger.

Investigation of uncertainties in thermal simulation of city districts by use of sensitivity analysis

Marcel Nebeling Sebastian Stinner Sept. 2013 ger.

Development of a dynamic control of a borehole heat exchanger field

Andreas Rothe Johannes Fütterer Sept. 2013 ger.
Examination of the influence on natural convective heat transfer by Kármán vortex streets Matthias Herpers Paul Mathis Sep. 2013 ger.
Creation of a district energy concept for existing multi-family homes Maike Voß Tanja Osterhage Aug. 2013 ger.
Comparison of Multivariate Optimization Tools in Dymola for Investigations on Deterministic User Models Luis Jarque Marcus Fuchs May 2013 ger.
Beurteilung der thermischen Speicherkapazität für einen Stadtteil und Umsetzung in die dynamische Simulation Neda Askari Henryk Wolisz May 2013 eng.
Modeling, Implementation and Use of Building Energy Supply System Models for City Districts Amir Pasha Javadi Peter Matthes Jan. 2013 eng.
Development of dynamic user profiles for city district simulations Marta Manso Moritz Lauster 2013 eng.
Construction and composition of a solar thermal testbench für phase change materials Annika Heyer Armin Knels 2013 ger.
Simulation and control of hybrid heat pump systems for existing buildings Konstantin Klein Kristian Huchtemann Nov. 2012 eng.
Einfluss der Zonierung auf die dynamische Simulation von Büro- und Laborgebäuden Stefan Schlosser Marcus Fuchs Sep. 2012 ger.
Improving a system for an adaptive single room control system Bruno Lupulescu Michael Adolph 2012 ger.
Impact of the zonal division on the dynamic simulation of office- and laboratory buildings. Stefan Schlosser Marcus Fuchs 2012 ger.
Simulation and Comparison of Different District Heating Networks in Combination with Co-generation Plants Pooyan Jahangiri Alexander Hoh Nov. 2010 eng.


Completed Bachelor's theses

Title submitted by supervised by recieved language

Exergo-economic investigation and assessment of heat pump circuits

Jonas Bühner

Christoph Höges

Valerius Venzik

Jan 2021 ger.

Analysis of frost formation on the fins of air coolers using photo-optical measuring methods

Sascha Haibach

Jonas Klingebiel Jan 2021 ger.

Development of analysis functions for the automated faultdetection and -diagnosis of combined heat and power plants

Julius Braun

David Wackerbauer Erik Brümmendorf Jan 2021 ger.

Optimization of a Mixing Process caused by von-Kármán Vortex Streets using transient CFD Simulation

Fabian Stupperich

Philipp Ostmann Nov 2020 ger.

Evaluation of statistically planned experiments with special focus on accuracy of measurements in refrigerant circuits

Florian Will

Christian Vering Nov 2020 ger.

Realtime Occupancy Detection in Healthcare Settings via IoT-Sensor Fusion

Maximilian Ortmann

Martin Rätz Nov 2020 ger.
Machine Learning based energy consumption prediction of production machines for the deduction of energy indicators

Steffen Frölian

Laura Maier Nov 2020 ger.

Evaluation of uncertainties in measurements and of optimised experimental designs for a compressor test stand

Julian Möntenich

Christian Vering Nov 2020 ger.

Development and validation of a model-based predictive individual room temperature control

Jens Lünenstraß

Stephan Göbel Oct 2020 ger.

Data-driven Modeling and Analysis of Demand Profiles for a District Energy System Using Machine Learning Methods

Leo Ganesh Holzhauer

David Wackerbauer Oct 2020 ger.

Thermodynamic Analysis of Several Heat Pump Cycles Using Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants

Jona Brach

Christoph Höges Oct 2020 ger.

Performance of Hardware-in-the-Loop-tests for the assessment of an independent system contoller for hybrid heat pump systems

Hendrik Brinkmann

Stephan Göbel Oct 2020 ger.

Sensitivity Analysis of Building Simulations to Determine the Energy Saving Potential of Demand Controlled Ventilation in Hospitals

Andreas Niebrügge

Martin Rätz Oct 2020 ger.

Investigation of data-driven control with Reinforcement Learning on the example of a real-world HVAC system

Aron Schwartz

Thomas Bruno Schreiber Oct 2020 ger.

Development of a Hierarchical Multi-Agent-System for Operational Optimization of Energy Systems

Abdullah Tokmak

Alexander Kümpel Oct 2020 ger.

Evaluation of safety concepts for refrigeration laboratories to investigate heat pumps and their components in hardware-in-the-loop experiments

Martin Hoyer

Christian Vering

Thomas Henn

Oct 2020 ger.

Development of a model-based controller using the example of a air-to-water-heatpump

Moritz Taron

Valerius Venzik

Stephan Göbel

Katharina Breuer

Sep 2020 ger.
Development of adaptive model predictive controllers for application in HVAC systems

Viktor Schüssler

Alexander Kümpel Sep 2020 ger.
Analysis of vortex rings in the application of pulsed supply air jets

Lukas Söffing

Tim Röder Sep 2020 ger.

Key Performance Indicators for the Energetic Assessment of Swimming Pools

Benani Zoumba

Verena Dannapfel Sep 2020 ger.

Model-based test rig design for the dynamic characterization of expansion valves in refrigerant circuits

Marius Frikel

Christian Vering Aug 2020 ger.

Reverse engineering of fluid selection for heat pumps used in building Energy systems

Hendrik Kroppa

Christian Vering Aug 2020 ger.

Improvement of a heat pump system design optimiser considering hyperparameters and building variations

Abdussamed Tanrikulu Christian Vering Aug 2020 ger.

Development of a method for the evaluation of next-generation refrigerants in counterclockwise thermodynamic cycles

Benedikt Schuler

Valerius Venzik

Christoph Höges

Aug 2020 ger.
Design of a linear long-term optimization model for an Energy System with Connection to a geothermal field

Laura Kuper

Alexander Kümpel Aug 2020 ger.
Simulation based development of modular ice storage models for large scale energy systems Philipp Trompetter Laura Maier Aug 2020 ger.

Simulation-based benchmark of a mode-based control strategy for HVAC systems

Fabian Bekemeier

Alexander Kümpel Aug 2020 ger.
Comparison of forecasting methods for predictive energy management systems of non-residential buildings Melanie Ebner Phillip Stoffel Jul 2020 ger.
Impact of real building geometry on dynamic demand performance of large districts using the example of research center Jülich

Leonard Theunissen

Peter Remmen Jul 2020 ger.

Development of a measurement methodology to simplify the calibration of digital twins

Malte Berrenberg Christian Vering Jul 2020 ger.
Development of a Rule-Based Control Strategy to Integrate an Ice Storage in Cooling Systems of Non-Residential Buildings Achim Gervens Laura Maier Jun 2020 ger.
Object-oriented energy system evaluation using a cloud-based calculation environment Simon Bierfreund Thomas Schreiber May 2020 ger.
Development of a tool for automated calibration of energy system models by means of machine learning methods Lovis Kauderer

Thomas Storek

Katharina Breuer

Apr 2020 ger.
Implementation of indoor occupant detection by machine learning through thermographic imaging Vincent Kammerer Kai Rewitz March 2020 ger.

Development of a test bench control system for the investigation of adaptive control strategies for single temperature control on a hardware-in-the-loop test bench

Tobin Fiedler Stephan Göbel Feb2020 ger.
Optimal local allocation of Batteries in urban power systems Christiane Döring Sarah Henn Jan 2020 ger.
Optimal sizing and positioning of energy storage systems in low-voltage grids

Florian Pontzen

Sarah Henn December 2019 ger.

Hydraulic simulation of HVAC-Systems - Comparison of modular modelling approaches

Daniel Fasang Alexander Kümpel November 2019 ger.

Assessment of psychromatic chamber and emergency ventilation concepts for hardware-in-the-loop test beds for heat pumps with flamable refrigerants

Jannis Schumann

Christian Vering

Thomas Henn

November 2019 ger.
Simulative Investigation on the dimensioning of rotary enthalpy exchangers with regard to efficiency and profitability

Maximilian Szymula

Martin Kremer

Konstantin Finkbeiner

November 2019 ger.
Indoor Comfort and Energy Optimization in Smart Buildings with Deep Reinforcement Learning Johannes Kern Florian Stinner October 2019 ger.
Development and analysis of an automated blind control at the E.ON ERC main building

Fabian Lesjak

Felix Nienaber October 2019 ger.

Investigation of the start-up and decay behaviour of turbulent free jets using CFD simulation

Pascal Weber

Tim Röder October 2019 ger.

Numerical investigation of entrainment properties of multi jet applications using scale adaptive turbulence models

Kanghua Zhang

Max Rohn October 2019 ger.

Evaluation of a district heating and cooling system using a LowEx-thermal network in combination with heat pumps

Celia Burghardt

Tobias Blacha

Michael Mans

October 2019 ger.

Analysis and evaluation of string distance algorithms for the meta data analysis in complex energy systems

Richard Roth

Florian Stinner September 2019 eng.
Development of machine learning based forecasting methods for grid state estimation

Harmanvir Singh

Sarah Henn September 2019 ger.

Study of unsupervised machine learning algorithms for topology detection on complex building energy systems

Pascal Stammer

Florian Stinner September 2019 ger.

Evaluation of hydraulic circuits for the supply of Hardware-in-the-Loop tests

Daniel Schmitz

Martin Pieper July 2019 ger.

Analysis of the self-similarity of pulsating jets in existing applications using simplified LES methods

Juliane Vosdellen

Tim Röder July 2019 ger.

Intelligent modelling of connected data structures for energy systems

Robert Plümpe

Florian Stinner

Thomas Storek

July 2019 ger.

Classification of time series data of building automation systems based on machine learning

Vincent Evenschor Florian Stinner July 2019 ger.

Determination of optimized building energy systems for the German residential building stock with special consideration of ventilation losses

Jonas Baumgärtner

Sebastian Remy July 2019 ger.

Integration of Protocol Interoprability and Data Point Labelling into a Smart Readiness Indicator to Assess the Technology Capability of Buildings

Maurice Wald

Florian Stinner

Dr.rer.nat. Jan Witt

June 2019 ger.

Sensitivity Analysis of Building Archetypes

Moritz Braun

Peter Remmen May 2019 ger.

Development of a methodology for the systemic evaluation of urban energy systems

Joel Schölzel Sarah Henn Apr. 2019 ger.

Implementation of an single room heating control for heatpumps

Robin Kurth

Markus Nürenberg Apr. 2019 ger.

Development of modular simulation models for Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP)

Julian Matthes

Thomas Storek

David Jansen

Feb. 2019 ger.
Simulation oriented evaluation of hardware-in-the-loop experiments in terms of user comfort

Leonard Schulte

Philipp Mehrfeld Feb. 2019 ger.
Thermal loss modeling of a compressor in dynamic simulations for refrigerant cycles

Bijan Seyed Sadjjadi

Christian Vering Feb. 2019 ger.

Economic evaluation of plant engineering for heating, cooling and ventilation systems at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Sebastian Trunk

Michael Mans Feb. 2019 ger.

Cost distribution in building automation systems

Kevin-Jan Groß

Markus Schraven Jan. 2019 ger.

Automated documentation of complex simulation models using the example of an expansion valve model for refrigerant circuits

Sven Hinrichs

Christian Vering Jan. 2019 ger.

Implementation of a grey-box heat pump model in Modelica with focus on safety-related control strategies

Fabian Wüllhorst

Philipp Mehrfeld November 2018 ger.
Generating Standardized Identifiers from Metadata of Technical Building Equipment by Machine Learning

Paul-Werner Neißer-Deiters

Florian Stinner November 2018 eng.

Development of a test laboratory for dynamic investigations of heat pump heating systems with flammable refrigerants

Abdul Masalkhi

Christian Vering November 2018 ger.

Development of an automatic calibrator to determine the physical parameters for modular models of hydraulic systems

Felix Stegemerten

Alexander Kümpel November 2018 ger.

Developing a simulation-based benchmarking for room climate control strategies

Bastian Gauch Alexander Kümpel October 2018 ger.

Development of a calculation model for the generation of electrical load profiles for non-residential buildings

Javier Perez Vera Jan Richarz October 2018 ger.

Development of a method for dynamic data exchange in agent-based optimal control of building energy systems

Nadja Roeser Marc Baranski September 2018 eng.

Assessement of the Efficiency Approach and the Renewable Energy Approach for the Renovation of Existing Buildings Based on Technical, Environmental and Economic Criteria

Simon Kreischer

Amely Gundlach June 2018 ger.
Analysis of energy saving potentials of institute buildings using the example of a plant research center in Jülich

Timo Wenzel

Michael Mans June 2018 ger.

Model predictive control for an expedient air conditioning of a battery container

Marvin Kühnel

Gerrit Bode May 2018 ger.

Optimized operation of the cooling circuit for 5MW battery storage system

Vincenz Regener Thomas Storek Apr. 2018 ger.
Development of a methodology for the systemic description of urban energy systems

Alicia Lerbinger

Sarah Henn Apr. 2018 ger.

Comparative Study of Simulation-Assisted Approaches for Distributed Model Predictive Control in Building Energy Systems

Lina Meyer

Marc Baranski Mar. 2018 eng

Design and Implementation of a Programmable Logic Controller for Heat Pump Heating Systems and Development of a Test Bench to Evaluate Different Control Strategies

Matthias Mersch Christian Vering, Markus Nürenberg Feb. 2018 eng.

Model-based test stand design for the evaluation of non-halogenated refrigerants in compression heat pumps

Greta Kolb Christian Vering Feb. 2018 ger.
Integration of Building Simulation Models in a Cloud-Framework for Energy Services Larissa Kühn Jan Schiefelbein Jan. 2018 ger.
Simulation of complex building energy systems to determine extended boundary conditions for hardware-in-the-loop-experiments Thomas Schramm Philipp Mehrfeld Jan. 2018 ger.
Integration of cooling supplies in the design of urban energy systems with genetic algorithms - Exemplary application for Jülich Research Center Hardy Lottermann Michael Mans Dec. 2017 ger.
Creation of a technology overview, a market report and a component supplier overview for hybrid heat pump systems Christian Tjorben Wenzel Philipp Mehrfeld Dec. 2017 ger.

Analysis of captial and operational expenditure of wind turbines and photovoltaic systems concidering local cost dependencies

Leo Paulis Klie

Daniela Hegemann Nov. 2017 ger.

Evaluation of the influence of the heat transfer coefficient of a HVAC-System-housing on the annual energy balance of a HVAC-System

Lukas Thomas

Paul Mathis Nov. 2017 ger.

Development of a dynamic simulation model of an absorption chiller and a suitable control strategy

Sebastian Krause

Peter Matthes Sep. 2017 ger.

Impact analysis of thermal storage technologies on the efficiency of air/water-heat pumps

Lars Schellhas

Christian Vering Aug. 2017 ger.
Evaluation of a complex energy system using a suitable visualization approach Christian Ritterbach Florian Stinner Jul. 2017 ger.
Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of micro-scaled combined heat and power units and heat pumps Steffen Brill Markus Schumacher Jul. 2017 ger.
Cloud-base Link d energy management for virtual city quarters

Sophia Carolin Schröer

Jan Schiefelbein Jun. 2017 engl.

Energy supply of urban fabric types

Nils Heyermann

Jan Schiefelbein May 2017 ger.

Improvement of the process from the tendering procedure to the operation of technical building equipment

Patrick Lünendonk

Jens Teichmann Apr. 2017 ger.
Development and design of a solar thermal test bench Sidney Schamel Konstantin Finkbeiner Apr. 2017 ger.

Probabilistic forecasting of household electrical load using artificial neural networks

Julian Vossen

Thomas Schütz Apr. 2017 ger.

Development of a method to evaluate flow induced ceiling pollution in the proximity of different ceiling outlets

Thomas Bollig

Henning Freitag Apr. 2017 ger.

Probabilistic forecasting of household electrical load using artificial neural networks

Julian Vossen

Thomas Schütz March 2017 engl.

Optimized design of chillers for buildings with high dynamic loads examplified by a 5MW battery storage system

Paul Werner Ernst Dietrich Thiele

Thomas Storek

Thomas Schild

Jan. 2017 ger.
Reduced Order Model for thermal distribution systems within buildings Alexander Döpper Moritz Lauster Jan.2017 ger.
Design of a simulation model for transparent building components Stanley Risch Moritz Lauster Oct. 2016 ger.
Efficiency enhancement of fan-heat-exchanger configurations with CFD Michael Sietmann Paul Mathis Aug. 2016 ger.
A Robust Programming Approach for Decentralized Schelduling of Heating Energy Systems in a Microgrid Hossam Houta Hassan Harb Aug. 2016 engl.
Development of a Method For The Evaluation of Exergy-based Control Strategies Katharina Buchwitz

Marc Baranski

Roozbeh Sangi

Aug. 2016 engl.
Overall Energetic Examination and Economic Analysis of Air Handling Units Laura Maria Maier Martin Hoffmann Jul. 2016 ger.
A Robust Programming Approach for Decentralized Schelduling of Heating Energy Systems in a Microgrid Julia Granacher Thomas Schütz Jul. 2016 engl.
Clustering based analysis of electrical demand forecast methods Simon Cramer Hassan Harb Jul. 2016 engl.
Data acquisition and analysis of the thermal demand for a RWTH Aachen example building Lena Maier Moritz Lauster Mai 2016 ger.
Economic comparison of electrical and established heating systems with regard to the decreasing heating load through improved building insulation Stefan Eckl Henryk Wolisz Apr. 2016 ger.
Evaluation of the influence of register vent geometry on air flow field and thermal comfort in car cabins Tobias Burgholz Mark Wesseling Apr. 2016 ger.
Validation and development of grey-box building modles Steffen Brenning Hassan Harb Apr. 2016 ger.

Optimization of the primary energy consumption and minimization of the CO2 emissions of the experimental hall for energy efficiency and sustainable buildings

Lotta Winter Tanja Osterhage Mar. 2016 ger.
Clustering of buildings on city district scale for energetic optimization Tobias Beckhölter Jan Schiefelbein Mar. 2016 ger.
Development of an Analysis Method for an Energetic Determination of a City District Based on Open Source Data Martin raetz Amir Pasha Javadi Mar. 2016 ger.

Energy demand calculation and the importance of internal heat gains according to EnEV 2014

Johannes Engels Tanja Osterhage Feb. 2016 ger.
Experimental investigation and evaluation of different active chilled beam geometries Arno Eggert Henning Freitag Nov. 2015 ger.
Experimental investigation of the properties of a radial turbulent free jet in transverse flow in a channel geometry Martin Cardaun Henning Freitag Nov. 2015 ger.
Development of a Modelica-library for agent-based control of HVAC Systems Felix Bünning Roozbeh Sangi Oct. 2015 engl.
Verfication of a Low Order Model with Measurement data Mike Dressler

Peter Remmen

Oct. 2015 ger.
Electrical demand forecast Jan Schlageter Hassan Harb Oct. 2015 engl.
Implementation and Analysis of Short Term Electricity Load Forecasting algorithms for residential energy management strategies Johannes Steinbüchel Hassan Harb Oct. 2015 engl.
Comparison of clustering algorithms for typical load profiles for the optimal design of building energy systems Markus Schraven Thomas Schütz Sep. 2015 ger.

Auswirkung fehlerhafter Annahmen der Wärmeleitfähigkeit von Baumaterialien bei der Ermittlung des Energieeinsparpotentials von energetischen Sanierungsmaßnahmen für Bestandswohngebäude

Simon Zillekens Tanja Osterhage Jul. 2015 ger.
PIV Measurements of Natural Convection Channel Flows with Kármán Vortex Streets Max Rohn Paul Mathis Jul. 2015 ger.
Dynamic simulations for the evaluation of systems for the production of domestic hot water Thomas Schreiber Davide Calì Jun. 2015 ger.
Discretization of building masses in dynamic simulations under consideration of excitation frequencies Bernhard Jesse Moritz Lauster Jun. 2015 ger.
Simulative implementation of a new optimization algorithm in a building energy system Magnus Daum Roozbeh Sangi May 2015 engl.
Untersuchung von Wärmeverschiebungen innerhalb eines Gebäudes unter Berücksichtigung des Wärmeverlustes am Beispiel eines energetisch sanierten Wohngebäudes der 1950er Jahre Rouven Voß

Tanja Osterhage

Davide Calì

Mar. 2015 ger.
Conceptual design of a generic test bench for investigation of indoor climate in car cabins Jan Richarz Mark Wesseling Apr. 2015 ger.
Simulation Models of Building Energy Systems for City District Simulations Christian Grozescu Sebastian Stinner Mar. 2015 ger.
Optimisation Potential of dictrict cooling system of Forschungszentrum Jülich Julian Wyszynski Jens Teichmann Mar. 2015 ger.
Building automation systems in practice Daniel Zuk

Johannes Fütterer

Max Huber

Feb. 2015 ger.
Integrated Evaluation of Night Reductions in Buildings in Centrally Supplied Campusses Mark Tillmanns Jens Teichmann Feb. 2015 ger.
Modelling of the storage-based heat pump control within the E.ON ERC main building Björn Pauly Johannes Fütterer Feb. 2015 ger.

Optimization of cooling load by thermal simulation of rooms for battery storage systems

Romana Markovic Thomas Schild Nov. 2014 ger.
Conceptual design of an experimental setup for the investigation of different de-icing methods for chillers. Nils Jagodzinski Henning Freitag Oct. 2014 ger.
Stochastic User behavior Models for Non-Residential Buildings: Analysis, Implementation and Validation Jan Trosdorff Ana Constantin Oct. 2014 ger.
Assessment of a thermal building model with measurement data from the IEA Annex 58 experiments Christian Steinwandel Ana Constantin Oct. 2014 ger.
Optimisation and economical comparison of solar thermal- and photovoltaic-system configurations by linear optimisation Jann Weinand Henryk Wolisz Oct. 2014 ger.
Development of a domestic hot water profile generator based on occupancy profiles Lion Franzen Jan Schiefelbein Oct. 2014 ger.
Development of action plan for the energetic optimization of city districts considering CO2 avoidance cost Alina Kornas Jan Schiefelbein Sep. 2014 ger.

Combinatorial optimization for energy retrofit of buildings

Christophe Armborst Dr.-Ing. Rita Streblow Sep. 2014 ger.
Design and measurement of a counter-rotating axial compact fan Tobias Czarnecki Henning Freitag Sep. 2014 ger.
Experimental investigations to evaluate the thermal comfort in a highly modular test room Sascha Behrendt Martin Möhlenkamp Aug. 2014 ger.
Economic analysis and simulation of retrofit measures in campus-structured city districts Frank Bobrowski Marcus Fuchs Jun. 2014 ger.
Development of a method for analyzing the potential savings of solar systems in non-residential buildings and commercial enterprises Marco Müller Thomas Schild May 2014 ger.
A literature based review of the dynamic thermal comfort sensation in residential buildings Patrick Zühlke Henryk Wolisz May 2014 ger.
Economic Analysis and Simulation of Retrofit Measures in Campus-Structured City Districts Frank Bobrowski Marcus Fuchs May 2014 ger.
Evaluation of Energy Flows in Heating Networks Using Simplified Pipe Models Jürgen Hanke Marcus Fuchs May 2014 ger.
Advanced exergy analysis of a heat pump system Lutz Schiffer Roozbeh Sangi May 2014 engl.
Typification and energetic investigation of laboratory buildings at Forschungszentrum Jülich Michael Staszewski Moritz Lauster March 2014 ger.
Energy system optimization for urban districts Alexander Sichwart Jan Schiefelbein March 2014 engl.
Development and implementation of a dynamic control approach for thermal storages in residential buildings Pascal Block Henryk Wolisz March 2014 ger.
Typification and energetic investigation of laboratory buildings at Forschungszentrum Jülich Michael Staszewki Moritz Lauster March 2014 ger.
Analysis of the operating performance of façade ventilation units Christoph Klöpping Max Huber Apr. 2014 ger.

Development of a method for the analysis of refurbishment measures for cold water supply systems regarding the part-load efficiency

Daniel Orth Thomas Schild Apr. 2014 ger.
The economic and technical feasibilty of various storage technologies to compensate the volatile electricity generation produced from Renewable Energy Sources Denis Sepoetro Henryk Wolisz Apr. 2014 ger.
Volume flow measurement of paraffin-water-dispersions Stefan Mühlenkamp Armin Knels Apr. 2014 ger.
Investigation on Approaches for Operational Optimization of Thermal District Energy Systems Markus Simon Jens Teichmann Apr. 2014 ger.
Evaluation of Energy Flows in District Cooling Networks David Arnolds Marcus Fuchs Apr. 2014 ger.
Simplified models for moist air, humidifiers and dehumidifiers in office buildings Pierre Guilliere Ana Constantin Apr. 2014 ger.

Investigation of the thermal energy management of an energy-self-sufficient actuator

Hannes Engel Nina Kopmann Feb. 2014 ger.
Validation of building models based on different thermal-energetic simulation tools Henning Leppmann Moritz Lauster Nov. 2013 ger.
Evaluation of required data and development of a ‚City Information Model‘ concept as a foundation of sustainable energy management in cities of the future. Lennart Ludwig Böse Henryk Wolisz Oct. 2013 ger.
Analysis of energetic, economic and ecological evaluation options of city district energy supply systems Philipp Andreas Kremer Jan Schiefelbein Oct. 2013 ger.
Exergy analysis and optimization of a CHP district heating system Alexander Thamm

Roozbeh Sangi

Pooyan Jahangiri

Sep. 2013 ger.

Experimental analysis and control parameter optimization proposal for the E.ON ERC main building’s automation system

Sarah Henn Johannes Fütterer Sep. 2013 ger.
Simulation of a phase change slurry as a geothermal brine Mathias Just Armin Knels Aug. 2013 ger.
Design and Investigation of a Forecast Based Operation Control for Virtual Power Plant using Multi-Agent Approach Marius Schwarz

Sebastian Stinner

Junqi Liu

Aug. 2013 ger.
Analysis of a power-controlled operation of CHP plants and heat pumps Severin Spicher

Sebastian Stinner

Jul. 2013 ger.
Multi-Physics Simulation Platform for Sustainable City District Supply Systems Stephan Groß

Peter Matthes

Christoph Molitor

Jul. 2013 eng.
Development of a method for analyzing the potential savings of solar systems in non-residential buildings and commercial enterprises Marco Müller Thomas Schild May 2013 ger.
Modelling and Simulation of a Heat Transfer Station for District Heating Grids Thomas Dixius Marcus Fuchs May 2013 ger.
Influence of Solar Irradiation on Dynamic Building Performance Simulation Jerome Feldhaus Marcus Fuchs May 2013 ger.
Determination of the air change efficiency by particle counting methods Christian Kampers Henning Freitag Apr. 2013 ger.

Development and exergetic evaluation of controlling strategies for solar thermal systems using Software-In-The-Loop methodology

Claudius Bons Max Huber Apr. 2013 ger.
Experimental investigation of tracer particle production using acoustic excitation Niklas Paprott Patrik Steinhoff Mar. 2013 ger.
Planning of a concept for the reuse of the Counter Entropy House Frederik Gero Böhm

Kristian Huchtemann

Pia Auferkorte

Jan. 2013 ger
Anaylsis of Energy Distribution of a Multi-Functional Building Florian Stinner Johannes Fütterer Oct. 2012 ger.
Analysis of Energy Fluxes and Thermal Comfort within Reference Rooms of the E.ON ERC Main Building Susanna Bordin Johannes Fütterer Sep. 2012 ger.
Analysis of the Energy Conversion in the E.ON ERC Main Building Marcel Grigo Johannes Fütterer Sep. 2012 ger.
Optimization of facade ventilation module's operating behaviour by simulation Paul von Stockhausen

Ana Constantin

Max Huber

Sep. 2012 ger.
Developement of a control concept for two humidifiers in a central air conditioning system Jonas Tesfaegzi Max Huber Sep. 2012 ger.
Developing of a method for the measurement and comparison of cooling concepts for residential and small non-residential buildings Stefan Stemmler

Thomas Schild

Pia Auferkorte

May 2012 ger.
Experimental study of the performance of a radio-based valve actuator Thomas Schütz Nina Kopmann May 2012 ger.
Estimation of the uncertainty in the measurement of the surface temperature of a radiator with a thermography camera Philipp Mehrfeld Nina Kopmann May 2012 ger.
Development of a tool for dynamic co-simulation of thermo-hydraulic building and electrical micro-grid models Marc Baranski

Peter Matthes

Christoph Molitor

Oct. 2012 ger.
Anaylsis of Energy Distribution of a Multi-Functional Building Florian Stinner Johannes Fütterer Oct. 2012 ger.
Influence area of an even wall beam in isothermal and non-isothermal surroundings Florian Schulte Claudia Kandzia 2012 ger.
Analysis of the operation of heat pump systems in a field test Lukas Reulen Kristian Huchtemann 2012 ger.
Setup of a testbed for the automated thermal power measurement of air-to-water heat exchangers Thorsten Driemeier Henning Freitag Dez. 2011 ger.
Validation of a radiator model by experimental measurements Felix Schulz von Thun Michael Adolph 2011 ger.
Experimental studies of the velocity and temperature field in front of a radiator Sebastian Morguet Nina Kopmann Oct. 2011 ger.


Completed Projecttheses

Title submitted by supervised by received language

Enhancement of a test facility for heat transfer measurements of free convection flows with Kármán vortex streets

Tobias Burgholz, Markus Schraven

Paul Mathis May eng.

Application of Kármán vortex streets to influence the heat transfer in radiators

Thomas Schneider, Jan-Erik Schumann, Philipp Achtelik

Paul Mathis Sep 2014 ger.

Design and construction of a test facility to examine the influence on heat transfer by Karman vortex streets of free convection flow

Sascha Behrendt, Marcel Kolen Paul Mathis Jul. 2013 ger.
Development of a concept and contruction of a test-bench to examine paraffin-water-dispersion in thermal solar systems Dawid Andrzej Nickel,
Ivan Litau,
Konstantin Finkbeiner
Armin Knels 2011 ger.
Helium filled soap bubbles, examinations with helium-air-mixtures for bigger density neutral bubbles Jens Peters,
Matthias Greinert

Armin Knels

Claudia Kandzia



Analysis of ventilation concepts by visualizing and probe measurements Kristian Kasten,
Mathias Just,
Joram Wasserfall

Claudia Kandzia

Max Huber

2011 ger.
Analysis of the Super C's supply system Georg Schneider,
Christian Schäfer,
Andreas Rothe

Armin Knels

Kristian Huchtemann

2011 ger.
Development of a concept and contruction of a test-bench to examine paraffin-water-dispersion in heating and cooling systems Daniela Getz Van Bentum,
Christoph Bara,
Sebastian Vinkenflügel

Armin Knels

2010 ger.



Completed Diplomatheses

Title submitted by supervised by received language
Generation of use cases for dynamic simulations of district energy systems Fabian Eben

Markus Fuchs

Oct. 2014 ger.
Construction of an experimental setup for the evaluation of active chilled beams and ventilation outlets using optical methods Stephan Franz Gruber Henning Freitag Jun. 2014 ger.
Hardware-in-the-Loop for a controller of hot water heating Philipp Theilmann

Nina Kopmann

Kan Chen

Apr. 2014 ger.
Network-optimized simulation of cogeneration clusters Martin Renner Sebastian Stinner

Markus Fuchs

Apr. 2014 ger.
Impact of the control strategy at energetic and exergetic efficiency of a cooling system with passive night re-cooling Julian Kremeyer

Max Huber

Michael Adolph

Jul. 2013 ger.
Numerical and practical examination of paraffin-water-dispersion as a thermal transport and storage medium in cooling ceilings. Hendrik Leiwe Armin Knels 2013 ger.
Investigation of room air flow structures under condition of mixed convection using the three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry Patrik Steinhoff

Claudia Kandzia



Simulation and optimization of heat pump systems based on field tests Florian Klein Kristian Huchtemann 2012 ger.
Costs-benefit assessment of optimal retrofits regarding building construction and HVAC systems. Lesya Babenko

Tanja Osterhage

2011 ger.
Energetic balancing of the E.ON ERC's main building Aitor Chivite

Tanja Osterhage

Ana Constantin

2011 ger.
Aerodynamic optimization of control flaps of volume flux sensors Martin Möhlenkamp Paul Mathis 2011 ger.
Modeling and simulation of heat pump cycles Juliana Trockel Kristian Huchtemann 2011 eng.
E³ - Historic city Aachen: Development of a retrofix matrix for historic non-residential buildings based on hotels Christine Dern Tanja Osterhage 2010 ger.
E³ - Historic city Aachen: Development of a retrofix matrix for historic non-residential buildings based on schools Pia Angelika Auferkorte Tanja Osterhage 2010 ger.
E³ - Historic city Aachen: Development of a retrofix matrix for historic non-residential buildings based on administrative buildings Lisa Marie Meyer Tanja Osterhage 2010 ger.
Investigation of the internal airflow in air-water systems based on a parametric geometry model Marc Leipnitz Henning Freitag 2010 ger.
Identification of key parameters describing indoor air-flow structures Alexander Inderfurth Claudia Kandzia 2012 ger.
Optimization of the convector for a panel radiator Kevin Jung Paul Mathis 2013 ger.
Optimization of a wood exhaustion using the simulation of particle-laden flows and their experimental validation Kai Rewitz Paul Mathis 2012 ger.
Thermodynamic modeling and simulation of heat pump cycles Paolo Schmidt-Holzmann Kristian Huchtemann 2010 ger.



Completed Studytheses

Title submitted by supervised by received language

Analysis of agent-based solutions for energy management on a city district level

Friedemann Hegge Hassan Harb Mar. 2014 eng.

Multi-Agent Systems in Office Buildings Evaluation and Development of Current Characteristics

Martin Renner

Ana Constantin

Max Huber

Sept. 2013 eng.
Investigation of phase change materials for heating and cooling in buildings: a technical and economical review of the current market Felix Thul

Armin Knels

Corinna Leonhardt

2012 ger.
Design and setup of a generic model for flow investigations in HVAC components using laser Doppler velocimetry Patrik Steinhoff

Henning Freitag



Development of a parametric 3D-CAD people's model Daniel Braun

Paul Mathis

2011 ger.
Experimental investigation on the influence of geometric parameters on the internal flow of active chilled beams Patrick Eschrich

Henning Freitag

2011 ger.
Numerical investigation of free jets and wall jets in active chilled beams Martin Möhlenkamp Henning Freitag 2011 ger.