Master's Thesis Onur Kaygisiz


Development of a simulation model of an air-conditioning system of a train based on the Siemens Mireo

simulation Copyright: EBC Simple simulation model of a refrigeration cycle

In this thesis, the development and validation of a simulation model of an air conditioning system of a train based on the Siemens Mireo is presented. This includes the simulation models for a refrigerant cycle, for an additional refrigerant cycle with heatpump function and for the route of the air flow. During this thesis, the different components of an air conditioning system, the scroll compressor, finned tube heat exchanger, thermostatic expansion valve, other valves such as solenoid or check valves, sensors, liquid separators, pipe hydraulics, fans, flaps and heaters are being modeled in LMS Amesim. The validation of the created model is then carried out with the help of measurement data obtained from a typetest. The purpose of the development of the model is the improved description of the dynamic state variables of the conditioned air. Thus, the control behavior of the compact air conditioning system can be improved.