Master's Thesis Daniel Lühn


Development of software for the provision of individual energy reports in non-residential buildings

Master's Thesis Lühn Copyright: EBC Concept for the automatic creation of individual energy reports

Advances in thermal insulation reduce the relative share of static energy losses. As a result, user behavior has a greater impact on the energy consumption of a building. The data collected and processed in the building automation system makes it possible to inform the user in a targeted manner about his influence and thus increase the sensitivity to energy consumption.

  Master's Thesis Lühn Copyright: EBC Heat requirement of a two-person office at the beginning of September 2016

In the course of the work, a tool has been developed, with which users can be clear-cut about their share of energy consumption. To create an individual energy report, it is determined which data are recorded and which characteristic values ​​can be calculated from it. On the basis of the existing data, the structure of the report and the presentation method are determined. The presentation of the data to the user takes place via a web interface. In addition, a simulation of an example day serves as a comparison to the real energy consumption, so that losses or potential savings can be better assessed depending on behavior.